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tidex token  (TDX)
Tidex Token (TDX)
$0.165803 ?
Last Updated: 2021-07-31 17:00:11 UTC (3 days ago)
181 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $1,658,029
24 Hour Trading Vol ?
Circulating Supply 10,000,000
Total Supply 100,000,000
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Tidex Token XRP (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-08-01 XRP2,226,335 XRP24.002784 XRP0.22241411 N/A
2021-07-31 XRP2,237,944 XRP133.445 XRP0.22379439 XRP0.22241411
2021-07-30 XRP2,237,944 XRP133.445 XRP0.22379439 XRP0.22379439
2021-07-29 XRP2,168,680 XRP6.740719 XRP0.22525236 XRP0.22379439
2021-07-28 XRP2,408,093 XRP893.902 XRP0.23995282 XRP0.22525236
2021-07-27 XRP2,366,712 XRP7,248 XRP0.22099328 XRP0.23995282
2021-07-26 XRP2,366,712 XRP7,248 XRP0.22099328 XRP0.22099328
2021-07-24 XRP2,806,367 XRP296.511 XRP0.27308489 XRP0.22099328
2021-07-23 XRP2,806,367 XRP296.511 XRP0.27308489 XRP0.27308489
2021-07-21 XRP4,128,929 XRP3,337 XRP0.28063670 XRP0.27308489
2021-07-20 XRP4,128,929 XRP3,337 XRP0.28063670 XRP0.28063670
2021-07-18 XRP4,140,108 XRP299.216 XRP0.41289291 XRP0.28063670
2021-07-17 XRP4,066,753 XRP496.608 XRP0.40549969 XRP0.41289291
2021-07-16 XRP4,066,753 XRP496.608 XRP0.40549969 XRP0.40549969
2021-07-09 XRP1,939,425 XRP4.436050 XRP0.19290276 XRP0.40549969
2021-07-08 XRP1,939,425 XRP4.436050 XRP0.19290276 XRP0.19290276
2021-07-07 XRP1,925,018 XRP2,269 XRP0.21777968 XRP0.19290276
2021-07-06 XRP1,925,018 XRP2,269 XRP0.21777968 XRP0.21777968
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