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tidex token  (TDX)
Tidex Token (TDX)
$0.158623 ?
Last Updated: 2021-07-28 15:00:18 UTC (1 day ago)
181 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $1,586,230
24 Hour Trading Vol ?
Circulating Supply 10,000,000
Total Supply 100,000,000
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Tidex Token YFI (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-29 YFI53.018 YFI0.00015955 YFI0.00000533 N/A
2021-07-28 YFI50.739 YFI0.01895280 YFI0.00000509 YFI0.00000533
2021-07-27 YFI48.459005 YFI0.14986143 YFI0.00000457 YFI0.00000509
2021-07-26 YFI48.459005 YFI0.14986143 YFI0.00000457 YFI0.00000457
2021-07-24 YFI58.713 YFI0.00614690 YFI0.00000566 YFI0.00000457
2021-07-23 YFI58.713 YFI0.00614690 YFI0.00000566 YFI0.00000566
2021-07-21 YFI87.602 YFI0.06981607 YFI0.00000587 YFI0.00000566
2021-07-20 YFI87.602 YFI0.06981607 YFI0.00000587 YFI0.00000587
2021-07-18 YFI88.072 YFI0.00634837 YFI0.00000876 YFI0.00000587
2021-07-17 YFI83.521 YFI0.01024381 YFI0.00000836 YFI0.00000876
2021-07-16 YFI83.521 YFI0.01024381 YFI0.00000836 YFI0.00000836
2021-07-09 YFI36.440023 YFI0.00008281 YFI0.00000360 YFI0.00000836
2021-07-08 YFI36.440023 YFI0.00008281 YFI0.00000360 YFI0.00000360
2021-07-07 YFI39.641908 YFI0.04353182 YFI0.00000418 YFI0.00000360
2021-07-06 YFI39.641908 YFI0.04353182 YFI0.00000418 YFI0.00000418
2021-07-02 YFI39.641908 YFI0.00594708 YFI0.00000396 YFI0.00000418
2021-07-01 YFI41.461333 YFI0.00621934 YFI0.00000401 YFI0.00000396
2021-06-30 YFI34.506177 YFI0.00046002 YFI0.00000414 YFI0.00000401
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