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uservice  (UST)
Uservice (UST)
$0.02129780 ?
Last Updated: 2021-04-21 22:31:52 UTC (about 17 hours ago)
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Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
? / ?
Circulating Supply
? / 1,000,000,000

Uservice KWD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-04-22 KD0.00000000 KD0.096062 KD0.00641441 N/A
2021-04-21 KD0.00000000 KD1.89 KD0.00462468 KD0.00641441
2021-04-20 KD0.00000000 KD17.66 KD0.00399022 KD0.00462468
2021-04-19 KD0.00000000 KD17.66 KD0.00399022 KD0.00399022
2021-04-18 KD0.00000000 KD7.20 KD0.00456295 KD0.00399022
2021-04-17 KD0.00000000 KD4.92 KD0.00475542 KD0.00456295
2021-04-16 KD0.00000000 KD13.36 KD0.00429914 KD0.00475542
2021-04-15 KD0.00000000 KD1,190.78 KD0.00371164 KD0.00429914
2021-04-14 KD0.00000000 KD30.76 KD0.00357603 KD0.00371164
2021-04-13 KD0.00000000 KD2.64 KD0.00448701 KD0.00357603
2021-04-12 KD0.00000000 KD6.72 KD0.00495129 KD0.00448701
2021-04-11 KD0.00000000 KD87.07 KD0.01411203 KD0.00495129
2021-04-10 KD0.00000000 KD1,320.06 KD0.01209373 KD0.01411203
2021-04-09 KD0.00000000 KD1,320.06 KD0.01209373 KD0.01209373
2021-04-06 KD0.00000000 KD0.04775301 KD0.00226580 KD0.01209373
2021-04-05 KD0.00000000 KD0.453477 KD0.00226738 KD0.00226580
2021-04-04 KD0.00000000 KD0.453477 KD0.00226738 KD0.00226738
2021-04-02 KD0.00000000 KD0.00996754 KD0.00359779 KD0.00226738
2021-04-01 KD0.00000000 KD0.00996754 KD0.00359779 KD0.00359779
2021-03-31 KD0.00000000 KD0.04521186 KD0.00228698 KD0.00359779
2021-03-30 KD0.00000000 KD0.00456502 KD0.00229759 KD0.00228698
2021-03-29 KD0.00000000 KD0.00456229 KD0.00229622 KD0.00229759
2021-03-28 KD0.00000000 KD0.03217744 KD0.00228029 KD0.00229622
2021-03-27 KD0.00000000 KD0.359219 KD0.00359219 KD0.00228029
2021-03-26 KD0.00000000 KD0.02449263 KD0.00394985 KD0.00359219
2021-03-25 KD0.00000000 KD0.03987598 KD0.00400183 KD0.00394985
2021-03-24 KD0.00000000 KD0.103967 KD0.00231249 KD0.00400183
2021-03-23 KD0.00000000 KD0.103967 KD0.00231249 KD0.00231249
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