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uservice  (UST)
Uservice (UST)
$0.02162652 -27.9%
0.00000038 BTC -28.1%
0.00000888 ETH -32.0%
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Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
$0.01535466 / $0.02999535
Circulating Supply
? / 1,000,000,000

Uservice MXN (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-04-21 MX$0.00000000 MX$125.43 MX$0.306375 N/A
2021-04-20 MX$0.00000000 MX$1,162.78 MX$0.262687 MX$0.306375
2021-04-19 MX$0.00000000 MX$1,162.78 MX$0.262687 MX$0.262687
2021-04-18 MX$0.00000000 MX$475.84 MX$0.301384 MX$0.262687
2021-04-17 MX$0.00000000 MX$325.17 MX$0.314206 MX$0.301384
2021-04-16 MX$0.00000000 MX$884.14 MX$0.284589 MX$0.314206
2021-04-15 MX$0.00000000 MX$79,291 MX$0.247148 MX$0.284589
2021-04-14 MX$0.00000000 MX$2,050.30 MX$0.238372 MX$0.247148
2021-04-13 MX$0.00000000 MX$176.20 MX$0.299387 MX$0.238372
2021-04-12 MX$0.00000000 MX$449.04 MX$0.330900 MX$0.299387
2021-04-11 MX$0.00000000 MX$5,819.01 MX$0.943164 MX$0.330900
2021-04-10 MX$0.00000000 MX$88,159 MX$0.807670 MX$0.943164
2021-04-09 MX$0.00000000 MX$88,159 MX$0.807670 MX$0.807670
2021-04-06 MX$0.00000000 MX$3.21 MX$0.152240 MX$0.807670
2021-04-05 MX$0.00000000 MX$30.49 MX$0.152455 MX$0.152240
2021-04-04 MX$0.00000000 MX$30.49 MX$0.152455 MX$0.152455
2021-04-02 MX$0.00000000 MX$0.670635 MX$0.242066 MX$0.152455
2021-04-01 MX$0.00000000 MX$0.670635 MX$0.242066 MX$0.242066
2021-03-31 MX$0.00000000 MX$3.08 MX$0.155831 MX$0.242066
2021-03-30 MX$0.00000000 MX$0.312212 MX$0.157138 MX$0.155831
2021-03-29 MX$0.00000000 MX$0.311656 MX$0.156858 MX$0.157138
2021-03-28 MX$0.00000000 MX$2.19 MX$0.155367 MX$0.156858
2021-03-27 MX$0.00000000 MX$24.48 MX$0.244753 MX$0.155367
2021-03-26 MX$0.00000000 MX$1.70 MX$0.273483 MX$0.244753
2021-03-25 MX$0.00000000 MX$2.74 MX$0.274755 MX$0.273483
2021-03-24 MX$0.00000000 MX$7.16 MX$0.159265 MX$0.274755
2021-03-23 MX$0.00000000 MX$7.16 MX$0.159265 MX$0.159265
2021-03-22 MX$0.00000000 MX$0.161820 MX$0.161820 MX$0.159265
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