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v-dimension  (VOLLAR)
V-Dimension (VOLLAR)
$0.225482 2.5%
0.00000658 BTC -3.6%
177 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap ?
24 Hour Trading Vol $220,364
Circulating Supply ?
Total Supply 2,100,000,000
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V-Dimension XAG (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-24 XAG0.000000000000 XAG5,050.45 XAG0.00854372 N/A
2021-07-23 XAG0.000000000000 XAG4,843.54 XAG0.00896305 XAG0.00854372
2021-07-22 XAG0.000000000000 XAG9,188.98 XAG0.00891743 XAG0.00896305
2021-07-21 XAG0.000000000000 XAG6,718.48 XAG0.00810353 XAG0.00891743
2021-07-20 XAG0.000000000000 XAG7,613.39 XAG0.00921566 XAG0.00810353
2021-07-19 XAG0.000000000000 XAG5,677.53 XAG0.00944240 XAG0.00921566
2021-07-18 XAG0.000000000000 XAG3,937.21 XAG0.00913377 XAG0.00944240
2021-07-17 XAG0.000000000000 XAG6,633.82 XAG0.00949860 XAG0.00913377
2021-07-16 XAG0.000000000000 XAG5,861.07 XAG0.00738018 XAG0.00949860
2021-07-15 XAG0.000000000000 XAG5,642.38 XAG0.00811042 XAG0.00738018
2021-07-14 XAG0.000000000000 XAG5,218.08 XAG0.00817171 XAG0.00811042
2021-07-13 XAG0.000000000000 XAG8,184.67 XAG0.00813378 XAG0.00817171
2021-07-12 XAG0.000000000000 XAG5,778.58 XAG0.00852027 XAG0.00813378
2021-07-11 XAG0.000000000000 XAG4,491.56 XAG0.00836515 XAG0.00852027
2021-07-10 XAG0.000000000000 XAG4,116.65 XAG0.00816475 XAG0.00836515
2021-07-09 XAG0.000000000000 XAG7,070.23 XAG0.00817718 XAG0.00816475
2021-07-08 XAG0.000000000000 XAG4,833.04 XAG0.00842316 XAG0.00817718
2021-07-07 XAG0.000000000000 XAG4,140.52 XAG0.00922420 XAG0.00842316
2021-07-06 XAG0.000000000000 XAG7,860.82 XAG0.00870172 XAG0.00922420
2021-07-05 XAG0.000000000000 XAG5,742.85 XAG0.00906379 XAG0.00870172
2021-07-04 XAG0.000000000000 XAG4,370.29 XAG0.00944210 XAG0.00906379
2021-07-03 XAG0.000000000000 XAG4,560.09 XAG0.00936579 XAG0.00944210
2021-07-02 XAG0.000000000000 XAG4,629.35 XAG0.00815954 XAG0.00936579
2021-07-01 XAG0.000000000000 XAG5,252.14 XAG0.00999078 XAG0.00815954
2021-06-30 XAG0.000000000000 XAG5,512.27 XAG0.00999154 XAG0.00999078
2021-06-29 XAG0.000000000000 XAG5,487.19 XAG0.01138824 XAG0.00999154
2021-06-28 XAG0.000000000000 XAG5,131.05 XAG0.01196654 XAG0.01138824
2021-06-27 XAG0.000000000000 XAG5,735.52 XAG0.01150835 XAG0.01196654
2021-06-26 XAG0.000000000000 XAG5,893.18 XAG0.01132328 XAG0.01150835
2021-06-25 XAG0.000000000000 XAG3,579.41 XAG0.01241229 XAG0.01132328
2021-06-24 XAG0.000000000000 XAG7,101.15 XAG0.01227767 XAG0.01241229
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