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Zero (Beam Updates)

We are excited to join CoinGecko Beam to keep you updated on our latest project updates.

🚨The latest release of Zero is a mandatory upgrade! The current node software will deprecate and shut down in December 2018.

🚨Please make sure you upgrade to Isfjorden 2.0.1

First successful compile of Zero + UtilityNode code complete ✅

Zero is LIVE on bisq - Check out their fresh looking decentralized exchange with this new update they have brought to the community 😎. We hope you all enjoy your experience trading, using this platform!

🎁Now Live - Zero Community Mine🎁

⛏️T & Z Address Mining 👀
⛏️0% FEE
⛏️Elegant, Modern & Easy UI
⛏️Adaptive Share Difficulty
⛏️Ultra-Low-Latency, Multi-Threaded Stratum
⛏️Session Management For Purging DDoS/Flood Initiated Zombie Miners

ICYMI: Zero was reviewed by Proof of Review ✅

Visit the POR website to read more!