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Rank #2166
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zeusshield  (ZSC)
Zeusshield (ZSC)
$0.000207081217 22.4%
0.00000001 BTC 19.8%
0.00000010 ETH 19.4%
381 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $405,883
24 Hour Trading Vol $470.56
Circulating Supply 1,960,019,216
Total Supply 5,642,500,000
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Zeusshield KWD (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-25 KD130,625 KD134.57 KD0.00005596 N/A
2021-07-24 KD99,043 KD12.54 KD0.00005090 KD0.00005596
2021-07-23 KD97,155 KD6.29 KD0.00004957 KD0.00005090
2021-07-22 KD96,672 KD0.454385 KD0.00005108 KD0.00004957
2021-07-21 KD91,097 KD0.876701 KD0.00006059 KD0.00005108
2021-07-20 KD102,400 KD0.03944911 KD0.00006707 KD0.00006059
2021-07-19 KD95,721 KD67.62 KD0.00004906 KD0.00006707
2021-07-18 KD126,479 KD5.34 KD0.00006453 KD0.00004906
2021-07-17 KD111,231 KD95.27 KD0.00005652 KD0.00006453
2021-07-16 KD112,916 KD66.85 KD0.00005729 KD0.00005652
2021-07-15 KD104,161 KD82.40 KD0.00005190 KD0.00005729
2021-07-14 KD112,963 KD27.95 KD0.00005756 KD0.00005190
2021-07-13 KD99,478 KD63.82 KD0.00006017 KD0.00005756
2021-07-12 KD133,902 KD26.10 KD0.00006781 KD0.00006017
2021-07-11 KD120,926 KD1.88 KD0.00006170 KD0.00006781
2021-07-10 KD114,093 KD6.18 KD0.00005821 KD0.00006170
2021-07-09 KD115,078 KD1.50 KD0.00005791 KD0.00005821
2021-07-08 KD110,574 KD3.58 KD0.00005651 KD0.00005791
2021-07-07 KD114,956 KD68.30 KD0.00005777 KD0.00005651
2021-07-06 KD110,640 KD0.00110865 KD0.00005543 KD0.00005777
2021-07-05 KD112,861 KD53.25 KD0.00005759 KD0.00005543
2021-07-04 KD111,755 KD2.30 KD0.00006278 KD0.00005759
2021-07-03 KD123,104 KD78.22 KD0.00006370 KD0.00006278
2021-07-02 KD130,001 KD17.86 KD0.00006744 KD0.00006370
2021-07-01 KD130,545 KD14.94 KD0.00006577 KD0.00006744
2021-06-30 KD133,460 KD60.30 KD0.00006819 KD0.00006577
2021-06-29 KD123,301 KD147.48 KD0.00006291 KD0.00006819
2021-06-28 KD111,082 KD4.12 KD0.00005638 KD0.00006291
2021-06-27 KD111,977 KD254.98 KD0.00005713 KD0.00005638
2021-06-26 KD421,797 KD762.50 KD0.00021633 KD0.00005713
2021-06-25 KD463,397 KD868.28 KD0.00023676 KD0.00021633
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