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zeusshield  (ZSC)
Zeusshield (ZSC)
$0.000158746177 -16.8%
0.00000000 BTC -14.1%
0.00000007 ETH -11.9%
381 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $311,146
24 Hour Trading Vol $351.19
Circulating Supply 1,960,019,216
Total Supply 5,642,500,000
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Zeusshield MXN (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-27 MX$5,464,668 MX$4,216.69 MX$0.00278807 N/A
2021-07-26 MX$6,602,827 MX$1,568.41 MX$0.00336876 MX$0.00278807
2021-07-25 MX$8,705,982 MX$8,968.92 MX$0.00372994 MX$0.00336876
2021-07-24 MX$6,602,576 MX$835.80 MX$0.00339264 MX$0.00372994
2021-07-23 MX$6,499,305 MX$420.46 MX$0.00331594 MX$0.00339264
2021-07-22 MX$6,499,480 MX$30.44 MX$0.00342231 MX$0.00331594
2021-07-21 MX$6,089,996 MX$58.73 MX$0.00405882 MX$0.00342231
2021-07-20 MX$6,825,474 MX$2.63 MX$0.00447338 MX$0.00405882
2021-07-19 MX$6,340,178 MX$4,476.86 MX$0.00324820 MX$0.00447338
2021-07-18 MX$8,365,155 MX$353.15 MX$0.00426789 MX$0.00324820
2021-07-17 MX$7,355,464 MX$6,301.73 MX$0.00373847 MX$0.00426789
2021-07-16 MX$7,494,144 MX$4,431.90 MX$0.00379850 MX$0.00373847
2021-07-15 MX$6,881,699 MX$5,452.13 MX$0.00343378 MX$0.00379850
2021-07-14 MX$7,532,611 MX$1,863.84 MX$0.00383872 MX$0.00343378
2021-07-13 MX$6,573,721 MX$4,210.39 MX$0.00396973 MX$0.00383872
2021-07-12 MX$8,849,915 MX$1,725.02 MX$0.00448115 MX$0.00396973
2021-07-11 MX$7,987,475 MX$124.16 MX$0.00407520 MX$0.00448115
2021-07-10 MX$7,527,435 MX$408.02 MX$0.00384049 MX$0.00407520
2021-07-09 MX$7,665,530 MX$99.82 MX$0.00384694 MX$0.00384049
2021-07-08 MX$7,331,433 MX$236.90 MX$0.00374174 MX$0.00384694
2021-07-07 MX$7,583,317 MX$4,539.30 MX$0.00383951 MX$0.00374174
2021-07-06 MX$7,277,773 MX$0.073094 MX$0.00365468 MX$0.00383951
2021-07-05 MX$7,407,334 MX$3,494.78 MX$0.00377981 MX$0.00365468
2021-07-04 MX$7,334,786 MX$150.97 MX$0.00412014 MX$0.00377981
2021-07-03 MX$8,079,559 MX$5,133.78 MX$0.00418106 MX$0.00412014
2021-07-02 MX$8,634,341 MX$1,185.56 MX$0.00447739 MX$0.00418106
2021-07-01 MX$8,659,790 MX$990.08 MX$0.00435902 MX$0.00447739
2021-06-30 MX$8,783,984 MX$3,971.06 MX$0.00449043 MX$0.00435902
2021-06-29 MX$8,119,900 MX$9,712.14 MX$0.00414277 MX$0.00449043
2021-06-28 MX$7,304,244 MX$271.26 MX$0.00371028 MX$0.00414277
2021-06-27 MX$7,363,876 MX$16,768.11 MX$0.00375704 MX$0.00371028
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