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zeusshield  (ZSC)
Zeusshield (ZSC)
$0.000181220033 2.7%
0.00000001 BTC -0.9%
0.00000009 ETH 0.1%
381 people like this
24H Range
Market Cap $355,195
24 Hour Trading Vol $429.05
Circulating Supply 1,960,019,216
Total Supply 5,642,500,000
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Zeusshield XRP (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2021-07-24 XRP557,771 XRP68.443 XRP0.00027782 N/A
2021-07-23 XRP544,118 XRP35.200278 XRP0.00027761 XRP0.00027782
2021-07-22 XRP579,528 XRP2.647392 XRP0.00029760 XRP0.00027761
2021-07-21 XRP570,438 XRP5.435421 XRP0.00037565 XRP0.00029760
2021-07-20 XRP608,927 XRP0.23404628 XRP0.00039794 XRP0.00037565
2021-07-19 XRP541,186 XRP381.159 XRP0.00027655 XRP0.00039794
2021-07-18 XRP716,873 XRP30.264004 XRP0.00036575 XRP0.00027655
2021-07-17 XRP614,729 XRP529.472 XRP0.00031411 XRP0.00036575
2021-07-16 XRP622,275 XRP368.248 XRP0.00031562 XRP0.00031411
2021-07-15 XRP557,730 XRP439.407 XRP0.00027674 XRP0.00031562
2021-07-14 XRP607,920 XRP151.502 XRP0.00031203 XRP0.00027674
2021-07-13 XRP533,117 XRP334.896 XRP0.00031575 XRP0.00031203
2021-07-12 XRP702,165 XRP135.929 XRP0.00035311 XRP0.00031575
2021-07-11 XRP644,009 XRP10.010750 XRP0.00032857 XRP0.00035311
2021-07-10 XRP597,728 XRP32.399469 XRP0.00030496 XRP0.00032857
2021-07-09 XRP613,956 XRP7.948961 XRP0.00030636 XRP0.00030496
2021-07-08 XRP550,473 XRP17.768069 XRP0.00028064 XRP0.00030636
2021-07-07 XRP573,062 XRP342.626 XRP0.00028981 XRP0.00028064
2021-07-06 XRP559,094 XRP0.00551956 XRP0.00027598 XRP0.00028981
2021-07-05 XRP535,832 XRP251.290 XRP0.00027178 XRP0.00027598
2021-07-04 XRP546,664 XRP11.294139 XRP0.00030822 XRP0.00027178
2021-07-03 XRP631,652 XRP397.990 XRP0.00032413 XRP0.00030822
2021-07-02 XRP651,136 XRP88.595 XRP0.00033459 XRP0.00032413
2021-07-01 XRP633,735 XRP71.445 XRP0.00031455 XRP0.00033459
2021-06-30 XRP624,216 XRP280.372 XRP0.00031704 XRP0.00031455
2021-06-29 XRP633,658 XRP757.912 XRP0.00032329 XRP0.00031704
2021-06-28 XRP606,210 XRP21.347263 XRP0.00029198 XRP0.00032329
2021-06-27 XRP608,978 XRP1,387 XRP0.00031070 XRP0.00029198
2021-06-26 XRP2,271,718 XRP4,075 XRP0.00115598 XRP0.00031070
2021-06-25 XRP2,278,085 XRP4,268 XRP0.00116386 XRP0.00115598
2021-06-24 XRP2,657,411 XRP15,131 XRP0.00135170 XRP0.00116386
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