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zillioncoin  (ZLN)
ZillionCoin (ZLN)
$0.00037715 ?
Last Updated: 2020-12-02 17:08:40 UTC (about 9 hours ago)
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Market Cap
24 Hour Trading Vol
24h Low / 24h High
? / ?
Circulating Supply
? / 220,000,000

ZillionCoin DKK (Historical Data)

Date Market Cap Volume Open Close
2020-12-03 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.04640444 kr.0.00232196 N/A
2020-12-02 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.115863 kr.0.00231726 kr.0.00232196
2020-12-01 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.131848 kr.0.00366793 kr.0.00231726
2020-11-30 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.112604 kr.0.00225209 kr.0.00366793
2020-11-29 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.825609 kr.0.00220163 kr.0.00225209
2020-11-28 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.094188 kr.0.00314432 kr.0.00220163
2020-11-27 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.094188 kr.0.00314432 kr.0.00314432
2020-11-25 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.481944 kr.0.00230595 kr.0.00314432
2020-11-24 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.504599 kr.0.00230426 kr.0.00230595
2020-11-23 kr.0.00000000 kr.1.40 kr.0.00196475 kr.0.00230426
2020-11-22 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.486728 kr.0.00350689 kr.0.00196475
2020-11-21 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.03401509 kr.0.00340661 kr.0.00350689
2020-11-20 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.101466 kr.0.00338726 kr.0.00340661
2020-11-19 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.221287 kr.0.00335786 kr.0.00338726
2020-11-18 kr.0.00000000 kr.12.41 kr.0.00221751 kr.0.00335786
2020-11-17 kr.0.00000000 kr.12.41 kr.0.00221751 kr.0.00221751
2020-11-16 kr.0.00000000 kr.2.06 kr.0.00202261 kr.0.00221751
2020-11-15 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.127077 kr.0.00303017 kr.0.00202261
2020-11-14 kr.0.00000000 kr.269.36 kr.0.00306829 kr.0.00303017
2020-11-13 kr.0.00000000 kr.11.09 kr.0.00403730 kr.0.00306829
2020-11-12 kr.0.00000000 kr.48.01 kr.0.00399894 kr.0.00403730
2020-11-11 kr.0.00000000 kr.13.98 kr.0.00290024 kr.0.00399894
2020-11-10 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.319658 kr.0.00193732 kr.0.00290024
2020-11-09 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.319658 kr.0.00193732 kr.0.00193732
2020-11-08 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.150664 kr.0.00279425 kr.0.00193732
2020-11-07 kr.0.00000000 kr.29.35 kr.0.00293973 kr.0.00279425
2020-11-06 kr.0.00000000 kr.3.62 kr.0.00271693 kr.0.00293973
2020-11-05 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.177887 kr.0.00261990 kr.0.00271693
2020-11-04 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.702053 kr.0.00262353 kr.0.00261990
2020-11-03 kr.0.00000000 kr.0.702053 kr.0.00262353 kr.0.00262353
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