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Afridex 2019

Afridex 2019

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Tuesday, Sep 24, 2019 to Sunday, Sep 29, 2019

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WorldDex Events


CTICC, One & Only, Shimmy Beach, The Avenue and Camps Bay

1 Lower Long Street Colesberg Town, Cape Province, South Africa 8001

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Set to be the largest in the Southern hemisphere of its kind. Done in a way like never before, Afridex is for everybody. Why Afridex? The world is changing rapidly at an unfathomable pace. New innovations in all sectors are being invented and discovered daily. It is a fact that people fear what they don't understand, this is a key reason why Blockchain and Crypto aren't where it should be in terms of mass adoption as yet. People need to really understand it. For this to occur, they need to want to understand and with the current generation and age we live in, if we don't make it fun to learn, nobody does. Afridex’s main goal is just that, attract the masses in all types of demographics through ways they'll get excited to come and learn. We call it Edutainment. Why Africa? Being the first continent to effectively apply Cryptocurrency to supply and demand, Africa is again a global leader. Employing expertise in encryption, technology, software, legislation and finance are among the cutting-edge skills enabling micro- and macro-economies to sustainable demonstrable growth. Afridex Key Agenda Topics: *The Face of the Future: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Fintech *Preparing for the Future: Adoption and Disruption. *An Effective Response: Entrepreneurship. *Trending Skills Development: Technology: Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence. *Global Awareness: Finance, Global Unity in problem-solving of social welfare issues.WorldDex Events

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