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GibCyber 2.0

GibCyber 2.0

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Wednesday, Sep 26, 2018 to Wednesday, Sep 26, 2018

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Gibraltar Univesity

Campus, Europa Point Gibraltar,GX11 1AAGibraltar

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GibCyber is back brighter for you and opens the gateway to the next level in cyber security. GibCyber 2.0 is proud to bring you the next installment in cyber know how after the huge success of Gibraltar’s 1st Cyber Security Summit this event aims to offer more colour, creativity and insights into cyber security and the online world, from face recognition robots to tracking the hacker.

Now we will take you to the next chapter in the journey of cyber, its security, the world online, our future and your protection that allows you to see, observe, prepare and have a real experience where you can write your own future. The landscape of cyber changes by the minute causing frenzy, fear and fluster amongst the cyber online ‘tick tock’ that is Artificial intelligence, GDPR and Cryptocurrency.

The forthcoming show is wrapped around Artificial intelligence, machine learning and how it is fast becoming the future of the internet of things. Time moves no faster than online and you deserve to enjoy being a success and not a victim of it, once you know how to protect. Protection and preparation is the heartbeat of your business which is why we invite you to be part of a knowledgeable experience.

We’ll not only bring you more colour with the best in class speakers, showcases, workshops, debates and demonstrations by cyber experts from across the globe, we’ll capture your imagination from the moment you step in.

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