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Remittances and Cross-Border Transfers Conference

Remittances and Cross-Border Transfers Conference

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Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018 to Friday, Sep 21, 2018

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IMTC ASIA is our second conference in the fastest growing region in the world.

After our first conference in ASIA in New Delhi in 2016, Manila will host the 2nd conference in the region in 2018. We are expecting all International Money Transfer & Cross-Border Payments institutions, Banks and other financial services providers, technology-based firms, fintech, all catering to the Filipino diaspora and people & companies needing x-border money transfers & services.

Industry participants will converge to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the industry in Philippines and in the region as a whole. The financial system in the region is changing and everybody needs to be informed, partner, transform and innovate. Join us!

Help us plan the best industry event in the region.

Financial markets are evolving at a faster pace than ever in history. Technology is driving the change shaped by globalization and the need to make x-border payments easier, faster and cheaper. Traditional institution face an enormous challenge to re-invent themselves while start-ups need to convince end-users and drive them from established brands with more convenient services & product.

We expect all institutions in the Philippines and representatives from regional hubs in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zeland as well as the countries whose corridors are propelled by the South East Asia Diasporas.

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