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Tokenomy exchange


Trust Score

24h Trading Volume
# Coin Market Cap Pair Price Spread +2% Depth -2% Depth 24h Volume Volume % Last Traded Trust Score
1 Bitcoin / Tether
* $24,431.92
24427.33 USDT
0.66% $2,192 $2,421
9.780 BTC
52.70% Recently -
2 Ethereum / Tether
1980.57 USDT
0.82% $3,608 $3,468
97.552 ETH
42.62% Recently
3 Maker / IDK
15868.6321173 IDK
9.66% $0 $0
0.500 MKR
4.24% **4 hours ago Updated 4 hours ago
4 Vexanium / Bitcoin
0.00000008 BTC
22.22% $0 $0
1037670.794 VEX
0.45% **7 hours ago Updated 2 hours ago
5 Tokenomy / IDK
0.4206735 IDK
1.55% $149 $147
10000.000 TEN
0.00% **6 hours ago Updated 6 hours ago
Unverified Tickers
# Coin Market Cap Pair Price Spread +2% Depth -2% Depth 24h Volume Volume % Last Traded Trust Score
* $0.51
7.89369148 IDK
1.1% $56 $568
0.133 ADA
- **4 days ago Updated 4 days ago -

Tokenomy is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. There are 5 coins and 6 trading pairs on the exchange. Tokenomy volume in the last 24 hours is reported to be at ₿18.57. The most active trading pair on Tokenomy exchange is BTC/USDT. Tokenomy is established in year 2018. More information about Tokenomy exchange can be found at

Market taker’s trading fee is 0.25%. (for non-TEN token users) Market taker’s trading fee when paying with TEN is 0.125%.
AE 1 BRD 2 BTC 0.0005 CMT 10 AELF ...Show more
Fiat Deposit
Accepted Payment Methods
Margin Trading
Year Established
Market With Fees
Incorporation Country Code
Recent Monthly Pageviews
Alexa Rank
Community Data
Twitter Followers: 16416
Exchange Trade Volume Distribution (24h)
Exchange Trade Volume (24h)
Exchange Normalized Trade Volume (24h)

🌟Only With 1 TEN 🌟

Did you know what 1 TEN can do?
-Win 5gr total of Gold!
-Chance to win a All New Honda Beat & Voucher

Use your 1 TEN now and get many chance to win a big prize and also help others!

📣FlywithTEN Playgame Competition

The game of the competition is PlayGame's Floppy Bird ( which is a simple and fast-paced game that anyone can enjoy!

🎁Top Score Rewards:
💰Winner: 1 gram of Gold

🎁Participation Rewards:
💰Lucky winner #1: 2 grams of Gold
💰Lucky winner #2: 1 gram of Gold
💰Lucky winner #3: 1 gram of Gold

For more Details on the competition:

🎮 Purchase of TEN tokens Through Various Retail Stores and E-wallet Services is now Available on Playgame (@playgame_pxg) Platform! 🎊

We are happy to announce that PlayGame  now accepts TEN tokens as payment for game competition registration and prize pool currency.

TEN tokens can now be purchased on the PlayGame platform through various methods as shown in the link below.

Find out more:

🌟In our March report, we highlight some of the key achievements, events, and developments of this month, as well as some upcoming events that you can look forward to!

Read more:

Today we are excited to announce that INMAX (INX) - @inmax_exchange will be listed on the Alternative Board on April 1 2019, 3 PM (GMT +8)

Deposit starts: March 29 2019, 3 PM (GMT +8)

Find out more:

✋🏻Delisting of Trading Pairs ✋🏻

Tokenomy will soon be delisting several token and trading pairs on March 29 2019.

For details on the affected tokens and trading pairs, read:

📣 We are excited to announce that HART @HARAToken will be listed on the Alternative Board on March 27 2019, 2 PM (GMT +8)!

All HART will be distributed on March 25 2019 and HART wallet will be open at the same time.

Find out more:

📣 We are thrilled to announce that Zcash (@zcashco) is listed on Tokenomy Exchange and Tokenomy members are be able to trade ZEC/BTC now!

Don't miss out! Sign up on Tokenomy Exchange today and start trading ZEC!

Find out more:

⭐️Block Community is back, and we will be having a full-day event in Medan on March 2019.

For Detailed Information:

👉🏼Tickets are limited! Get your Pre-sale tickets now at

🔔Updated Layout on Tokenomy Exchange 🔔

Introducing an updated layout for our Exchange, with two separate Trading Boards:
Main Board and the Alternative Board

What is the difference? 🤔
Hop on over to read more:
Dalam Bahasa Indonesia:

🤗Sign up with us Today!🤗

Tokenomy Trust Score
Liquidity Scale Cybersecurity API Coverage Team Incident Total
2.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 1.0 4/10
Liquidity 2.0
Scale 0.0
Cybersecurity 0.0
API Coverage 0.0
Team 1.0
Incident 1.0
Estimated Reserves -
Total 4/10
* This is a tabled form for the breakdown of Trust Score. For full methodology please refer to our blog post.


Reported Trading Volume
Normalized Trading Volume
Reported-Normalized Volume Ratio 1.0
Average Bid-Ask Spread 0.737%
Trading Pair Total Trust Score


Normalized Volume Percentile 45th
Combined Orderbook Percentile 15th


Last Updated: 2022-03-22
Data provided by
Penetration Test
Proof of Funds
Bug Bounty

API Coverage

Api Coverage Not Available


Team is public
Team profile page [source]

Public Incidents

Regulatory Compliance

License & Authorization Sanctions Senior Public Figure Jurisdiction Risks KYC Procedures Negative News AML
Risk Medium High High Low Medium Low Medium
License & Authorization Medium
Sanctions High
Senior Public Figure High
Jurisdiction Risks Low
KYC Procedures Medium
Negative News Low
AML Medium
Last Updated: 2019-07-01