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At present, back-end business management is time consuming, complicated and requires multiple systems; each to complete a different task. Aitheon’s mission is to change this. By integrating AI, robotic and human symbiosis, businesses become automated in a single
platform. This allows effortless streamlining of mundane business tasks; while simultaneously acquiring access to the latest tech and services. Welcome to the digital ecosystem. We are here to enable you.

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Team Members
Andrew Archer profile picture
Andrew Archer
Creator / CEO
Ryan Burleson profile picture
Ryan Burleson
Chief Strategy officer
Sergei profile picture
Head of Web Application Team
Saad Shah profile picture
Saad Shah
Lead UX/UI designer
Rachel Wang profile picture
Rachel Wang
Executive Assistant
Erica Harvitt profile picture
Erica Harvitt
Director of Brand and Marketing
Ramzie Shams profile picture
Ramzie Shams
Creative Director
Alexandros Toutzaris profile picture
Alexandros Toutzaris
ICO Relations Manager
Daniel Spyralatos profile picture
Daniel Spyralatos
Social Media Manager
Xavier Rosseel profile picture
Xavier Rosseel
Belgium Lead Admin
Gerrit Chrysler profile picture
Gerrit Chrysler
US Lead Admin
Marco Poliquin profile picture
Marco Poliquin
Japan Lead Admin
Cyrus Hodes profile picture
Cyrus Hodes
Moe Levin profile picture
Moe Levin
Amazon profile picture
United Nations profile picture
United Nations
IL&FS profile picture
Masdar Institute profile picture
Masdar Institute
The Future Society profile picture
The Future Society
The AI Initiative profile picture
The AI Initiative
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