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Alibabacoin Foundation is a group of young global developers eager to create a momentum in the blockchain industry. The team has facial recognition technology and a stable payment solution, and is going to integrate these two technologies in order to create a platform for global payment and safe blockchain storage via its unique HD wallet for multi-cryptos. Alibabacoin Foundation solutions will combine the world commerce and enable it to become a more intense but abundant source by making payment and flow more easier and safer.

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    16 Mar 2018 - 15 Apr 2018 (0.00025 BTC = 1.0 abbc)
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    United Arab Emirates
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    500,000,000 USD
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    1,000,000,000 USD
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Team Members
Jason Daniel Paul Philip profile picture
Jason Daniel Paul Philip
Founder & CEO
Umer Farooq profile picture
Umer Farooq
Lead Developer
Zeeshan Butt profile picture
Zeeshan Butt
Awais Sakhi profile picture
Awais Sakhi
Suresh Kanan profile picture
Suresh Kanan
Hazel Atienza profile picture
Hazel Atienza
Mai Abdedlmoneim profile picture
Mai Abdedlmoneim
Nadine Mohamed Salah profile picture
Nadine Mohamed Salah
Sridhar Raja profile picture
Sridhar Raja
Sabeel Ahmed profile picture
Sabeel Ahmed
Haris Majeed profile picture
Haris Majeed
Himed Khan profile picture
Himed Khan
Maham Tariq profile picture
Maham Tariq
Ammad Nazir profile picture
Ammad Nazir
Jene Claude profile picture
Jene Claude
Lead IOS Developer
Faheem Lmitiaz profile picture
Faheem Lmitiaz
IOS Developer
Mariz Leira profile picture
Mariz Leira
IOS Developer
Zeeshan Ahmed profile picture
Zeeshan Ahmed
IOS Developer
Sajid Ali profile picture
Sajid Ali
IOS Developer
Umer Abbas profile picture
Umer Abbas
Finance Manager
Zoia Shirobokova profile picture
Zoia Shirobokova
Finance Adviser
Amar Nath profile picture
Amar Nath
Finance Adviser
Qiu Qing profile picture
Qiu Qing
Finance Adviser
Feruza Azimova profile picture
Feruza Azimova
Finance Adviser
Ivan Sakanov profile picture
Ivan Sakanov
Senior Marketing Manager
Lemuel M. Capisinio profile picture
Lemuel M. Capisinio
Marketing Specialist
Christine Y.Pelisco profile picture
Christine Y.Pelisco
Marketing Specialist
Maya Ahmed profile picture
Maya Ahmed
Marketing Specialist
Imran Rathor profile picture
Imran Rathor
Marketing Specialist
Olga Baklanova profile picture
Olga Baklanova
Marketing Specialist
Ariff Budiman profile picture
Ariff Budiman
Sales Representative
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