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"International decentralized blockchain platform for wide use in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, with support in development and scaling by ministries of health, public and private medical centers and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide.

Quality of services
Provision of poor quality services to the population by medical institutions and doctors.

Alternative choice
Patients are unable to choose medical centers and doctors by analyzing the services provided.

Counterfeit drugs
Availability of counterfeit drugs on the market.

High price
The presence of inflated prices for medical and pharmaceutical products and services.

Insurance fraud
The presence of unscrupulous doctors and medical centers that illegally charge money from insurance companies.

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    1 Aug 2018 - 25 Aug 2018
  • Public Sale
    25 Aug 2018 - 31 Oct 2018 (0.0197 USD = 1.0 atl)
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    4,913,660.00 USD
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    3,000,000 USD
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    15,000,000 USD
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Team Members
Stephane Deceulener profile picture
Stephane Deceulener
Bernard Patrick Dobson profile picture
Bernard Patrick Dobson
Financial director
Alain Marc Duriaux profile picture
Alain Marc Duriaux
Jose Pernia Calderon profile picture
Jose Pernia Calderon
Representative in Spain for development and scaling of the platform
Toni Karakutev profile picture
Toni Karakutev
PR and marketing
Murat Ibragimov profile picture
Murat Ibragimov
Representative in Russia for development and scaling of the platform
Maxim Zakharkiv profile picture
Maxim Zakharkiv
Representative in Bulgaria for development and scaling of the platform
Andrei Eremin profile picture
Andrei Eremin
Representative in Ukraine for development and scaling of the platform
Al-Ziyadekh Ali profile picture
Al-Ziyadekh Ali
Representative in Jordanians for development and scaling of the platform
Paulo Carneiro profile picture
Paulo Carneiro
Abiola Jacob profile picture
Abiola Jacob
Sukhvinder Singh profile picture
Sukhvinder Singh
Qusai Sharef profile picture
Qusai Sharef
Zeeshan Khan profile picture
Zeeshan Khan
Daryl Naidoo profile picture
Daryl Naidoo
Azamat Kurbanov profile picture
Azamat Kurbanov
Sharat Chandra profile picture
Sharat Chandra
Giovanni Casagrande profile picture
Giovanni Casagrande
Saiteja Kuruva profile picture
Saiteja Kuruva
Suraj Tiwari profile picture
Suraj Tiwari
Tudorache Alexandru profile picture
Tudorache Alexandru
Arpit Sharma profile picture
Arpit Sharma
Mj Paul profile picture
Mj Paul
Laura Zaharia profile picture
Laura Zaharia
Khaya Maloney profile picture
Khaya Maloney
SERKAN AY profile picture
Iyke Aru profile picture
Iyke Aru
Faisel Shuib profile picture
Faisel Shuib
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