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We directly connect mobile network operators and end users globally on our blockchain-based marketplace. With BubbleTone Blockchain, travelers can swiftly become legitimate local customers of any foreign operator in the country they are traveling to. They don’t need to replace their SIM card, and they retain their home number. Any mobile carrier can publish prepaid plans as smart contracts on BubbleTone Blockchain. These offers are visible to all other operators and their subscribers. When subscriber selects offer, a new smart contract is created with the subscriber's digital identity and payment transaction directly to foreign operator.

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ICOCrunch 4.3
ICO Rating Positive
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  • Public Sale
    20 Mar 2018 - 15 Jun 2018 (1.0 ETH = 1000.0 umt)
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  • Total Raised
    8,600,000.00 USD
  • Soft Cap
  • Hard Cap
    35,000 ETH
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Team Members
Yury Morozov profile picture
Yury Morozov
CEO and Founder
Oleg Pravdin profile picture
Oleg Pravdin
Sergei Ivanov profile picture
Sergei Ivanov
CEO of "Allo Incognito" (mobile virtual network operator)
Sergey Malcev profile picture
Sergey Malcev
Lead Blockchain Software Engineer
Sergey Baloyan profile picture
Sergey Baloyan
CMO and Head of IR
Fedor Rozhnov profile picture
Fedor Rozhnov
CBDO Strategic Developer for Telco, Realized 2 MVNO-projects for Russian mobile market
Kirill Maskaev profile picture
Kirill Maskaev
CCO and Head of PR
Maria Voronova profile picture
Maria Voronova
Project Manager
Stepan Gershuni profile picture
Stepan Gershuni
Blockchain expert, co-founder @Block Notary
Sergey Sevantsyan profile picture
Sergey Sevantsyan
Blockchain expert, public speaker
Sergey Prilutskiy profile picture
Sergey Prilutskiy
Security expert, Blockchain architecture developmentv
Sergey Lepenkov profile picture
Sergey Lepenkov
Development of payment services and high-load applications in the telecommunication field
Oleg Vintovkin profile picture
Oleg Vintovkin
Development of IT project Yandex Telephony; development BSS & OSS for mobile carriers
Yury Vasilchikov profile picture
Yury Vasilchikov
Blockchain consultant, smart contracts developer
Alexander Artemiev profile picture
Alexander Artemiev
Bubbletone messenger architecture development, integration with mobile carriers
Jackov Mayurov profile picture
Jackov Mayurov
Bubbletone messenger project manager
Ajmat Iqbal profile picture
Ajmat Iqbal
Bubbletone messenger software development leader
Mir Monsoor Hossain profile picture
Mir Monsoor Hossain
Senior software developer
Momi Monjil Ara profile picture
Momi Monjil Ara
Senior software developer
Khandaker Raihan Hossain profile picture
Khandaker Raihan Hossain
Senior software developer
Md. Shafiqul Islam profile picture
Md. Shafiqul Islam
Front-end software developer
Md Maniruzzaman profile picture
Md Maniruzzaman
Back-end software developer
Alexey Makeev profile picture
Alexey Makeev
Smart contracts software engineer
Varun Reddy profile picture
Varun Reddy
Community Relations
Mariana Bugaeva profile picture
Mariana Bugaeva
Head of design group
Keith Teare profile picture
Keith Teare
Dr. Norman Lewis profile picture
Dr. Norman Lewis
Anders Larsson profile picture
Anders Larsson
Samson Lee profile picture
Samson Lee
Joakim Holmer profile picture
Joakim Holmer
John Mun profile picture
John Mun
Gabriel Zanko profile picture
Gabriel Zanko
David Drake profile picture
David Drake
Professor Jin Song Dong profile picture
Professor Jin Song Dong
Gilbert A. Darrell profile picture
Gilbert A. Darrell
Vladimir Sirotinskiy profile picture
Vladimir Sirotinskiy
Oleg Khokhlov profile picture
Oleg Khokhlov
Mike Raitsyn profile picture
Mike Raitsyn
Maria Agranovskaya profile picture
Maria Agranovskaya
Daria Generalova profile picture
Daria Generalova
Dima Zaitsev profile picture
Dima Zaitsev
Crypto Valley profile picture
Crypto Valley
Idemia profile picture
ShoCard profile picture
Allo Incognito profile picture
Allo Incognito
REVE Systems profile picture
REVE Systems
LinguaLeo profile picture
Skolkovo profile picture
Horizon Communications profile picture
Horizon Communications
Multi Digital Services profile picture
Multi Digital Services
Future Technology Solutions profile picture
Future Technology Solutions
ICOBOX profile picture
BLOCKBANK profile picture
LinkerCoin profile picture
GRAD profile picture
MATCH ICO profile picture
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