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Finance / Banking

The platform allows buying or selling crypto for cash safely and quickly with a 3rd party escrow service. CryptoCasher undergoes a thorough verification of escrow services before adding them on its portal. The escrow service will be able to enjoy some additional income from the transaction fees. CryptoCash also eliminates the process of buying or selling cryptocurrency in personal meetings which could be risky for both buyers and sellers.

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    31 Aug 2018 - 1 Oct 2018
  • Pre Sale
    2 Oct 2018 - 2 Nov 2018 (0.00119 ETH = 1.0 crr)
  • Public Sale
    2 Nov 2018 - 3 Mar 2019 (0.0014 ETH = 1.0 crr)
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Team Members
Roman Pustoshilo profile picture
Roman Pustoshilo
International IT consultant, Blockchain Project Manager & CEO
Ivan Bilorus profile picture
Ivan Bilorus
Head of AET Technical Development Department CEO
Stanislav Semchenko profile picture
Stanislav Semchenko
International Expansion Manager CEO
Jouni Suoranta    profile picture
Jouni Suoranta
Chief Marketing Officer
M. Shahmeer Amir profile picture
M. Shahmeer Amir
Cyber Security Analyst
Abidemi Kolawole profile picture
Abidemi Kolawole
Africa Expansion Manager
Siddharth Saxena profile picture
Siddharth Saxena
Asia Expansion Manager
Alex Djulger profile picture
Alex Djulger
Europe Expansion Manager
Viktor Lyakhovich profile picture
Viktor Lyakhovich
Senior Back-End Developer
Vladimir Pomogalov profile picture
Vladimir Pomogalov
Blockchain & Dapp Developer
Saif Ali profile picture
Saif Ali
Mobile App Developer & Security Enthusiast
Tomasz Przybyl profile picture
Tomasz Przybyl
Mobile App Developer
Aleksandr Radowsky profile picture
Aleksandr Radowsky
Back-End Developer
Mozibul bin Al amin profile picture
Mozibul bin Al amin
Front-End Developer
Ivan Skotar profile picture
Ivan Skotar
Quality Assurance Engineer
Alexander Makarov profile picture
Alexander Makarov
Graphic Designer
Monika Howell profile picture
Monika Howell
Africa Law Adviser
Isaac Turgay profile picture
Isaac Turgay
Asia Law Adviser
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