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Cultural Places


Cultural Places is the first holistic platform in the cultural sector that connects visitors, institutions, artists, content creators and donors. Cultural Places will disrupt the cultural sector as it redefines the relations between all stakeholders
and creates new business opportunities. The core is its own crypto currency – the Cultural Coin – based on blockchain technology. That reinvents and simplifies cultural financing, sponsoring and ticketing.

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Team Members
Patrick Tomelitsch profile picture
Patrick Tomelitsch
Founder & CEO
Klaus Windisch profile picture
Klaus Windisch
CO-Founder & CEO
Wolfgang Zissernig profile picture
Wolfgang Zissernig
Ulrike Lemmerer profile picture
Ulrike Lemmerer
Authorized Signatory
Stefan Mauracher profile picture
Stefan Mauracher
Conceptional Analyst & Research Specialist
Raphael Huber profile picture
Raphael Huber
Strategic & Financial Consultant
Franz-Xaver Schlegel profile picture
Franz-Xaver Schlegel
Managing Partner Austria & Germany
Suza Schlecht profile picture
Suza Schlecht
Managing Partner Germany
Christian Bradach profile picture
Christian Bradach
Igor Bulatović profile picture
Igor Bulatović
Maren Waffenschmid profile picture
Maren Waffenschmid
Head of Content
Anna Cossa profile picture
Anna Cossa
Vice Head of Content
Goran Gajić profile picture
Goran Gajić
Managing Partner Serbia
Dario Komljenović profile picture
Dario Komljenović
Q&A Manager
Aleksandar Aleksić profile picture
Aleksandar Aleksić
Aleksandar Bjelošević profile picture
Aleksandar Bjelošević
Senior Back End Developer
Željko Marković profile picture
Željko Marković
Front End Developer
Milan Trivić profile picture
Milan Trivić
Product Owner & UI/UX Designer
Milan Mastikosa profile picture
Milan Mastikosa
Senior Back End Developer
Željko Stjepanović profile picture
Željko Stjepanović
System Administrator
Dušan Sančanin profile picture
Dušan Sančanin
Technical Support
Robert Dacesin profile picture
Robert Dacesin
Digital Marketing Manager
Fedja Djukić profile picture
Fedja Djukić
2D & 3D Designer
Bojan Komljenović profile picture
Bojan Komljenović
Head of Business Development
Bojan Buljić profile picture
Bojan Buljić
HR Advisor
Marko Ivanović profile picture
Marko Ivanović
Front End Developer
Ayu Cornellia profile picture
Ayu Cornellia
HOD Marketing & Sales
Erlin Herliani profile picture
Erlin Herliani
Marketing & Research
Peter Kupfer profile picture
Peter Kupfer
Cultural Management
Florian Dittrich profile picture
Florian Dittrich
Development of artistic & cultural Partnerships
Chris Obereder profile picture
Chris Obereder
Marketing Advisor
Mark Noorlander profile picture
Mark Noorlander
Exchange & Crypto Expert
Walter Thoen profile picture
Walter Thoen
Blockchain Specialist
Mario Rosin profile picture
Mario Rosin
Ticketing Expert
Georg Müller profile picture
Georg Müller
Financial Advisor
Oliver Stauber profile picture
Oliver Stauber
Legal and Tax Advisor
Marko Göls profile picture
Marko Göls
Digital Marketing
Bernhard Trogrlic profile picture
Bernhard Trogrlic
Crypto Community Expert
Hannes Haborth profile picture
Hannes Haborth
Marketing Advisor
Peter Glenk profile picture
Peter Glenk
Katharina Riedl profile picture
Katharina Riedl
PR and Media Relations
Dr. Karl Rimmer profile picture
Dr. Karl Rimmer
IMR Technology Group, CEO, Austria
Elisabeth Rimmer profile picture
Elisabeth Rimmer
IMR Technology Group, CEO, Austria
Roland Pflügl profile picture
Roland Pflügl
Emerge Invest Consult, MP, Austria
Ronald van Onlangs profile picture
Ronald van Onlangs
Strategic Investor, The Netherlands
Albert de Booij profile picture
Albert de Booij
De Booij Holding, Speakers Academy, CEO & Founder
Secession Vienna profile picture
Secession Vienna
Ludwig Museum Budapest profile picture
Ludwig Museum Budapest
Borobudur Temple Indonesia profile picture
Borobudur Temple Indonesia
Museum of Contemporary Arts Zagreb profile picture
Museum of Contemporary Arts Zagreb
Museum of Vojvodina profile picture
Museum of Vojvodina
Stephansdom Vienna profile picture
Stephansdom Vienna
Österreichische Bundesgärten profile picture
Österreichische Bundesgärten
Tourist Organization of Zagreb profile picture
Tourist Organization of Zagreb
Tourist Board City of Šibenik profile picture
Tourist Board City of Šibenik
Museum of Ancient Glass Zadar profile picture
Museum of Ancient Glass Zadar
Muzej Grada Šibenika profile picture
Muzej Grada Šibenika
Steinzeitpark Dithmarschen profile picture
Steinzeitpark Dithmarschen
Belgrade Fortress profile picture
Belgrade Fortress
Vučedol Culture Museum profile picture
Vučedol Culture Museum
Vukovar Municipal Museum profile picture
Vukovar Municipal Museum
Tourist Organization of Serbia profile picture
Tourist Organization of Serbia
Stadt Wien Marketing profile picture
Stadt Wien Marketing
Museum of Arts and Crafts Zagreb profile picture
Museum of Arts and Crafts Zagreb
Gembira Loka Zoo Indonesia profile picture
Gembira Loka Zoo Indonesia
Archaeological Museum Zadar profile picture
Archaeological Museum Zadar
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