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DeHedge Pre-Sale ICO


DeHedge is the decentralized risk-hedging platform for cryptocurrency investors. DeHedge hedges investments in ICOs and cryptocurrencies, safeguarding investors in case of exchange rate fluctuations, scams, and project cancellations. Automatic pay out DeHedge’s smart contracts are programmed to automatically pay out in full in case of a hedged event. DeHedge uses Ethereum, which is a public blockchain. The investor can waive an automatic pay out and opt not to make a hedging claim. The hedging is backed by the hedging reserve The investor's activation of hedging coverage is reserved by a smart contract, which implies the formation of collateral for the full coverage of losses incurred by the investor. The investor has the ability to track the volume of reserved compensation at any moment via blockchain technology.

DeHedge aims to create hedging tools for the cryptocurrency and ICO market.

Hedgers are provided with the opportunity to insure their investments against fluctuations in cryptocurrency and token prices. Reducing the risks also lowers the potential profits. In case of an insured event, an investor shall be reimbursed their investment less the insurance premium. The investor’s maximum loss will therefore be equal to the cost of the latter.

DeHedge supports two insurance strategies:

Hedging Initial Token Offerings
An investor getting an insurance coverage for the purchase price of project tokens pays the insurance premium to receive the right to sell the tokens at the same price later on. This works in the same way as a PUT option in a financial market, giving the option holder the right to sell an asset at a predetermined price. But, in case of DeHedge, the rights and obligations of the parties are different. Only DeHedge has the obligation to buy back a project token in case of an insured event. The token owner, on the other hand, has the right, but not an obligation, to exchange the token for the insurance premium.
Insurance coverage for primary token offerings is unlike any instrument on the financial market.

Hedging Publicly Traded Project Tokens
Hedging involves buying or selling a limited options contract on a crypto exchange.
An options contract (also known as option) is a derivative financial instrument that gives the buyer the right, and the seller the obligation, to buy/sell a certain asset at a predefined price later on. For this right, the buyer pays the so-called option premium. A DeHedge contract defines the insurance period and the range of prices for insured tokens. Similarly to ICO insurance, DeHedge has the obligation to buy back the token in case of an insured event.

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  • Public Sale
    15 Mar 2018 - 20 Apr 2018
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    10,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap
    50,000 ETH
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Team Members
Mikhail Chernov profile picture
Mikhail Chernov
Founder & CEO
Bogdan Leonov profile picture
Bogdan Leonov
Co-Founder & CCO
Dmitry Ansimov profile picture
Dmitry Ansimov
Co-Founder & COO
Mark Feldman profile picture
Mark Feldman
Investment Director
Ilya Makhnachev profile picture
Ilya Makhnachev
Senior Trader
Jeremie Henicz profile picture
Jeremie Henicz
Financial Analyst
Frederic Moulinou profile picture
Frederic Moulinou
Financial Analyst
Evgeny Novikov profile picture
Evgeny Novikov
Financial Analyst
Vasilii Artemev profile picture
Vasilii Artemev
Yunus Zaytaev profile picture
Yunus Zaytaev
Software Engineer
Rafael Bogaveev profile picture
Rafael Bogaveev
Software Engineer
Kamil Vildanov profile picture
Kamil Vildanov
Marketing Director
Danil Lakhomov profile picture
Danil Lakhomov
Head of Digital-Marketing
Olga Sorokina profile picture
Olga Sorokina
Angie Mingazova profile picture
Angie Mingazova
International Relations Liaison
Roman Bruskov profile picture
Roman Bruskov
Maria Andrianova profile picture
Maria Andrianova
Head of Legal
Jack Hunter profile picture
Jack Hunter
Simon Cocking profile picture
Simon Cocking
Taras Yakovenko profile picture
Taras Yakovenko
Maria Agranovskaya profile picture
Maria Agranovskaya
Harold Kim profile picture
Harold Kim
Minck Vos profile picture
Minck Vos
Ambassador for DeHedge in Amsterdam
Henrik Andersen profile picture
Henrik Andersen
Ambassador for DeHedge in Singapore
Eeshan Kulkarni profile picture
Eeshan Kulkarni
Ambassador for DeHedge in Singapore
Loc Dinh profile picture
Loc Dinh
Ambassador for DeHedge in Vietnam
Mohammed Arif Ansari profile picture
Mohammed Arif Ansari
Ambassador for DeHedge in Dubai
Future Connexions profile picture
Future Connexions
Carbon Block Ventures profile picture
Carbon Block Ventures
Priority Token profile picture
Priority Token
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