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DISCIPLINA Project by TeachMePlease ICO

Internet of Things (IOT)

The first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements. The use of blockchain technology guarantees the transparency of the platform and creates the conditions for maintaining confidentiality and reliability of information added by ecosystem participants.

DISCIPLINA mission: To create a multifunctional blockchain for keeping a unified register of academic achievement and qualifications to generate scoring for every user of the platform. TeachMePlease will be the first project based on the Disciplina blockchain platform.

DISCIPLINA is being implemented by TeachMePlease team in partnership with Serokell – international company that specializes in development of distributed systems. Serokell uses high-assurance coding principles and has experience in cryptocurrencies development, one of which is Cardano.

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    16 Jul 2018 - 18 Jul 2018
  • Public Sale
    18 Jul 2018 - 19 Jul 2018 (0.2362 USD = 1.0 dscp)
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    13,920,000.00 USD
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    7,000 ETH
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    34,000 ETH
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Team Members
Ilya Nikiforov profile picture
Ilya Nikiforov
Dmitry Gordovich profile picture
Dmitry Gordovich
Arseniy Seroka profile picture
Arseniy Seroka
VP of Engineering
Jonn Mostovoy profile picture
Jonn Mostovoy
Mikhail Volkhov profile picture
Mikhail Volkhov
Backend developer
Dmitry Mukhutdinov profile picture
Dmitry Mukhutdinov
Team Lead
Joakim Goldkuhl profile picture
Joakim Goldkuhl
Backend developer
John Burnham profile picture
John Burnham
Backend developer
Kirill Andreev profile picture
Kirill Andreev
Backend developer
Sebastiaan profile picture
Marketing manager
Floriaan profile picture
Marketing manager
Norman profile picture
Marketing manager
Marco profile picture
Marketing manager
Alexander Leonchik profile picture
Alexander Leonchik
Head of the development department
Sergei Maximov profile picture
Sergei Maximov
Lead backend developer
Roman Alterman profile picture
Roman Alterman
Head of the blockchain project
Pavel Shatskih profile picture
Pavel Shatskih
Head of the design department
Anna Kuprienko profile picture
Anna Kuprienko
Head of the PR/marketing
Vasiliy Mikhailov profile picture
Vasiliy Mikhailov
Project manager
Kirill Kuvshinov profile picture
Kirill Kuvshinov
Blockchain developer
Yuriy Friedrichson profile picture
Yuriy Friedrichson
Frontend developer
Jane Desyatnikova profile picture
Jane Desyatnikova
Frontend developer
Ivan Radchenko profile picture
Ivan Radchenko
CMS/Bitrix developer
Roman Novoselov profile picture
Roman Novoselov
Backend developer
Gregory Dvoryaninov profile picture
Gregory Dvoryaninov
Quality assurance
Yuriy Chaukin profile picture
Yuriy Chaukin
UX/UI designer
Olga Khristuk profile picture
Olga Khristuk
Graphic designer
Andrey Skryabnev profile picture
Andrey Skryabnev
Lead of the photo/video production
Valery Vekov profile picture
Valery Vekov
Head of the account department
Rustam Mikailov profile picture
Rustam Mikailov
Sales Manager
Valery Bogdanov profile picture
Valery Bogdanov
Sales Manager
Maria Arkhipova profile picture
Maria Arkhipova
Maria Zhiveinova profile picture
Maria Zhiveinova
Content manager
Elena Lev profile picture
Elena Lev
Content manager
Maria Muratova profile picture
Maria Muratova
Content manager
Valeriya Romanova profile picture
Valeriya Romanova
Content & social media manager
Slava Darmaev profile picture
Slava Darmaev
Content & social media manager
Tatiana Smorchkova profile picture
Tatiana Smorchkova
Content & social media manager
Ivan Ludevig profile picture
Ivan Ludevig
Digital marketing manager
Maria Goncharevich profile picture
Maria Goncharevich
Digital marketing manager
Polina Gordovich profile picture
Polina Gordovich
Soyeon Noh profile picture
Soyeon Noh
Korean Chief Editor
Tee Peng profile picture
Tee Peng
Chinese Chief Editor & Content Manager
Manuel Parra profile picture
Manuel Parra
Spanish Chief Editor
Timo Becker profile picture
Timo Becker
Spanish Translator
Valeria Blokhina profile picture
Valeria Blokhina
Anastasiya Moroz profile picture
Anastasiya Moroz
Bounty manager
Oksana Timakova profile picture
Oksana Timakova
Office manager
Jason King profile picture
Jason King
Antonio Menéndez Sierra profile picture
Antonio Menéndez Sierra
Alexey Shmonov profile picture
Alexey Shmonov
George Basiladze profile picture
George Basiladze
Kenji Sasaki  profile picture
Kenji Sasaki
Advisor, Co-founder of Cardano, CEO of Next Chymia Consulting HK.
Academy School of Blockchain profile picture
Academy School of Blockchain
Serokell profile picture
Cryptopay profile picture
HOQU profile picture
HappyMod profile picture
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