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We aim to subvert large developers and banks who currently control housing worldwide. The end goal of the platform is to become a tool which enables the democratic creation of sustainable smart cities. We achieve this through a blend of technologies, including: blockchain, asset backed tokens, DAO mechanisms and layers of smart contracts.

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Team Members
Josh Graham profile picture
Josh Graham
Founder / CEO
Filipe Moura profile picture
Filipe Moura
CTO / Developer
Michael Williamson profile picture
Michael Williamson
Matheus Salvia profile picture
Matheus Salvia
Software & Blockchain Developer
Aaron Fickling profile picture
Aaron Fickling
Brand Strategy / Design
Michael Stiff profile picture
Michael Stiff
Brand Strategy Consultation
Ricardo Oliveira profile picture
Ricardo Oliveira
Blockchain Developer
André Feijó Meirelles profile picture
André Feijó Meirelles
Blockchain Developer
Fausto Vanin profile picture
Fausto Vanin
Solutions Architect
Juliano Lazzarotto profile picture
Juliano Lazzarotto
Blockchain Business Developer
Daniel Adornes profile picture
Daniel Adornes
Blockchain Developer
João Teló profile picture
João Teló
Blockchain Developer
Renan Kruger profile picture
Renan Kruger
Blockchain Developer
Linn Clabburn profile picture
Linn Clabburn
Crowdfunding & infrastructure
Patrick Morselli profile picture
Patrick Morselli
Global Expansion Strategy Advisor
Dr. Jane Thomason profile picture
Dr. Jane Thomason
Blockchain Social Impact & Emerging Markets Advisor
Thomas Ermacora FRSA profile picture
Thomas Ermacora FRSA
Regeneration Architect
Andrew Graham profile picture
Andrew Graham
Strategy, recruitment & scaling
Michael Lenis profile picture
Michael Lenis
Real Estate/US Market Advisor
Thomas Disley profile picture
Thomas Disley
UX & Innovation Strategy Advisor
Amin Rafiee profile picture
Amin Rafiee
IT/Blockchain Advisor
Prof. Fabio Moura profile picture
Prof. Fabio Moura
Legal Counsel
Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor profile picture
Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor
Bright Forest Limited profile picture
Bright Forest Limited
Bromford Lab profile picture
Bromford Lab
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