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Fiduxa is a blockchain startup on a mission to disrupt recruitment industry, thereby saving corporations money and people time. Fiduxa is the solution that will fill the gap of trust between employees and employers. Along the way, there is also the neat trick that people are being paid to submit their data. We have created the first MVP version of the certification process, with key functionalities that form the core of the application.

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  • Public Sale
    12 Feb 2018 - 12 Jun 2018
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  • Soft Cap
    8,250 ETH
  • Hard Cap
    25,000 ETH
  • KYC Required
Team Members
Pietro Marchionni profile picture
Pietro Marchionni
co-Founder, Blockchain applications
Andrew Rippon profile picture
Andrew Rippon
Roberto Scano profile picture
Roberto Scano
Standardisation TC advisor
Maria Oreshnikova profile picture
Maria Oreshnikova
Project Manager
Donatella Maisto profile picture
Donatella Maisto
Marketing Manager
Gianni Del Popolo profile picture
Gianni Del Popolo
Media Manager
Tim Skipper profile picture
Tim Skipper
Recruitment & Legal Profession Expert
Luca Ruggeri profile picture
Luca Ruggeri
Platform design toolkit expert
Andoni Arostegi profile picture
Andoni Arostegi
Software advisor
Dagan Meek profile picture
Dagan Meek
Direct Sales advisor
Enzo Le Fevre profile picture
Enzo Le Fevre
International Relations advisor
Fernando Jover Aparicio profile picture
Fernando Jover Aparicio
Smart Processes Consultant
Andreas Tsindo profile picture
Andreas Tsindo
Blockchain Process Advisor
Paul Bemowski profile picture
Paul Bemowski
Software Engineering
Farhan Ahmed profile picture
Farhan Ahmed
Digital & Networks Transformation
Osama Elhassan profile picture
Osama Elhassan
Healthcare Recruitment Advisor
Gilles Fayad profile picture
Gilles Fayad
AI and Emerging Technologies
Isaac Meek profile picture
Isaac Meek
Security Co-ordinator
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