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The story of Gingr begins in ancient times when people started to trade assets for sex. One of the oldest industries in the world which has hardly been changed over time is now getting revolutionized by an innovative Swiss company using the latest technology available.
Gingr provides the first worldwide direct end-to-end booking platform for prostitution services using a private blockchain called Gingr-Chain with its native currency GG Coin. But the aim of Sergio Rigert, CEO and founder of Gingr AG, is not only to offer a “Uber for prostitution”, moreover he wants to transform the industry itself by providing a specific digital tool set to cover all aspects of a sex-worker lifecycle.
Gingr is launching the platform together with the sale of GG Coin, a unified adult-industry cryptocurrency issued on the Ethereum Mainnet, which complies with the ERC-20 standard. With the implementation of an interchain relay to its private blockchain the GGC may be used for payments of both booking options “Hook up” and “Instafuck” and many other features in the future.
GGC, Gingr’s native token, is a unified sex working cryptocurrency that allows sex workers to quickly and easily verify transferable funds. GGC will be widely accepted by industry players as a payment method due to our partnership arrangements. The company’s aim is to solve the key issues of the prostitution market with innovation and growth by providing a solution to the banking and payment issues with the possibility to transfer the funds into legitimate fiat currencies, which can then be used by all parties for all other nonrelated expenditure.
The innovative setup initialises a new era in the industry and marks the convergence of prostitution, virtual reality, and a decentralized community-controlled booking platform.
“We will revolutionize the way transactions are made in a $186 billion market and you can be part of it.“

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