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The Global Survey project is an international platform for making paid online surveys of any size and subject, using blockchain technology. The user registered on the service may act in the role of the researcher making the surveys and the role of the respondent.

Merging of young and promising blockchain technology with the established industry of paid online questionnaires gives a truly impressive result, which solves the existing problems and gives many advantages, such as:

- Reduced by 70% - 90% cost of the survey for clients.
- Unlimited scalability and localization.
- Guarantee the uniqueness of the respondents.
- Exclusion of fraud and much more...

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    30 Mar 2018 - 14 Jun 2018 (0.0065 USD = 1.0 srt)
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    15 Jun 2018 - 15 Sep 2018 (0.01 USD = 1.0 srt)
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Team Members
David Akopyan profile picture
David Akopyan
CEO & Main Developer
Manuk Akopyan profile picture
Manuk Akopyan
Financial Director
Georgiy Markaryan  profile picture
Georgiy Markaryan
Promotion & Marketing
Vadim Nesterenko profile picture
Vadim Nesterenko
Director of Public Relations
Georgiy Tarasyan profile picture
Georgiy Tarasyan
Project Lawyer
Alexandr Gudechek profile picture
Alexandr Gudechek
Media Designer
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