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Gron Digital


We haven’t re-invented the wheel, we simply follow the cash.

Most businesses think the Blockchain will “disrupt” their economy. Think again.
The reality is 87% of them are fantasizing, simply capitalizing on a trend and will do just fine without a token or the Blockchain.

Gron Digital is not ‘most businesses’ and we are not a startup in MVP stage. What we are is an experienced executive team utilizing technology and have created the No. 1 GRO Smart Wallet. Integrating with leading exchanges to connect multiple sports betting + gambling content providers, trusted world-class operators and quality players. Winnings are credited easily. Token withdrawal is secure. No third-party involvement. All on the Blockchain with Smart Contracts.

We have taken what others see as an opportunity in a multi-billion Dollar industry, and made it a reality

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    27 Feb 2018 - 24 Apr 2018 (0.0001 ETH = 1.0 gro)
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    South Africa
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  • Restrictions
  • Total Raised
    1,200,000.00 USD
  • Soft Cap
  • Hard Cap
    15,000,000 USD
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Team Members
Tebogo Makamo profile picture
Tebogo Makamo
Dmitry Oberzhitsky profile picture
Dmitry Oberzhitsky
Alex Braude profile picture
Alex Braude
Peter Frangiskakis profile picture
Peter Frangiskakis
Business Development
Wendy Case profile picture
Wendy Case
Head of Marketing
Iryna Semyonova profile picture
Iryna Semyonova
Project Manager
Sergey Kim profile picture
Sergey Kim
Customer relationship manager
Artur Timoshin profile picture
Artur Timoshin
System Architect
Eugene Shumnyi profile picture
Eugene Shumnyi
Senior Software Engineer
Vladimir Dotsenko profile picture
Vladimir Dotsenko
UX/UI Game and Sports betting designer
Sean O'Reilly profile picture
Sean O'Reilly
Software Engineer
Louis Pires profile picture
Louis Pires
Software Engineer
Alex Dede profile picture
Alex Dede
Software Engineer
Eugene Ruban profile picture
Eugene Ruban
Software Engineer
Nick Korzun profile picture
Nick Korzun
Software Engineer
André Wilsenach profile picture
André Wilsenach
Walter Staffetius CA(SA) profile picture
Walter Staffetius CA(SA)
Lucien Wijsman profile picture
Lucien Wijsman
Igor Samardziski profile picture
Igor Samardziski
Alpheus Matsebula profile picture
Alpheus Matsebula
Rossouw Lubbe profile picture
Rossouw Lubbe
Alicia Gibson profile picture
Alicia Gibson
CDP profile picture
Sintez profile picture
YesPlay profile picture
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