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h&b token

H&B Token


H&B Exchange aims to be the most useful exchange by developing the mechanism that rebating part of the profits to the users via Airdrop of the listed ICO currencies and various project contents.

Features of H&B Token (HBT)
1. Start Trading at 1satoshi unit
2. Various Contents
We have business tied up with NeoSeed Corporation (※2), which allows us to use HBT at various contents provided by NeoSeed and earn part of the revenue via contents participation as HBT holder.
3. Fiat Currency Deposits and Withdrawal
4. Dividend Distribution
The detail of the revenue dividends will be distributed to HBT holders is as
Trading Fee Dividend Distribution
Date: Every Friday
Time: 12:00 British Time (UTC+1)
Ratio: 85% of the trading fee
Method: Based on the holding HBT unit.
Token: HBT
Dividends Distribution Revenue Content
Date: Every Friday
Time: 12:00 British Time (UTC+1)
Ratio: 50% of the content fee
Method: Based on the holding HBT unit.
Token: HBT
5. Trading Fee Exemption
The trading fee at H&B Exchange is 0.05% which is the lowest charges in the same industry. However, HBT holder is subject to 0.02% trading fee while trading using HBT

【Road Map】
Year 2018
August: HBT ICO Page Release
September: Start of Phase 1 ICO
Start of affiliate registration after ICO ended.
Start of Marketing & SNS
November: Start of Phase 2 ICO
December: Migrate our Headquarter to Malta
Year 2019
January: Start of Phase 3 ICO
March: Start HBT Distribution
Airdrops Distribution
Grand Opening of the H&B Exchange (Mar 28)

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Token Details
  • Whitelist
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  • Public Sale
    7 Jan 2019 - 7 Mar 2019 (0.00000001 BTC = 1.0 hbt)
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    Hong Kong
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  • Soft Cap
    300 BTC
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