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Exchanges: 260
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XRP 9.87%
ETH 9.83%
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For consumers, HoToKeN (HTKN) will be an access granting token to the best deals and promotions a business can offer. For businesses, it will be a means to explore the true price elasticity of their demand function. When the value of HTKN stabilizes, in the eyes of both the businesses and consumers, HTKN will be the dominant currency for all transactions in the network.

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  • Public Sale
    21 Jan 2018 - 20 Mar 2018 (0.1 USD = 1.0 htkn)
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  • Platform
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  • Restrictions
  • Total Raised
    27,700,000.00 USD
  • Soft Cap
  • Hard Cap
    50,000,000 USD
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Team Members
J. Todd Bonner profile picture
J. Todd Bonner
Nithinan Boonyawattanapisut profile picture
Nithinan Boonyawattanapisut
CEO & Founder
Prachya Gorpaisarn profile picture
Prachya Gorpaisarn
Chief Technology Officer
Varoon Aroonsit profile picture
Varoon Aroonsit
Chief Operating Officer
Ake Sukasem profile picture
Ake Sukasem
Marketing Manager
Christopher Jon Peter Bagguley profile picture
Christopher Jon Peter Bagguley
Chief Financial Officer
Sebatiao D’almada Remedios profile picture
Sebatiao D’almada Remedios
Senior Vice President
Takashi Katagiri profile picture
Takashi Katagiri
Business Development
Mark Henry Saft profile picture
Mark Henry Saft
Business Development
Gordie Ross profile picture
Gordie Ross
Gamification Lead
Jason Corbett, Ph.D. profile picture
Jason Corbett, Ph.D.
External Counsel
Mark Vange profile picture
Mark Vange
Chief Technical Advisor
Noppanut Saothayanan profile picture
Noppanut Saothayanan
Marketing Advisor
Benjamin Scherrey profile picture
Benjamin Scherrey
Cryptosecurity Advisor
Kirit Sælensminde profile picture
Kirit Sælensminde
Network Security Advisor
Boaz Yemini profile picture
Boaz Yemini
Chief Economic Advisor
Marco Robinson profile picture
Marco Robinson
Special Advisor
Sankalp Shangari profile picture
Sankalp Shangari
Vladimir Nikitin  profile picture
Vladimir Nikitin
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