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Play IDMoney, Win and Help! The IDMoney Game App is our vehicle to create a new governance social, public and global model. Additionally with our blockchain wallet we integrate crypto and self–sovereign virtual personality to enhance local development and citizens’ empowerment. Uniquely, this model of game app and wallet will be social, public and global: public because local governments will implement and own all results; social because local governments will use these results for socio-economic development and citizens’ empowerment, giving everyone the chance to create wealth for themselves, while 20% of crypto tokens’ value will reach directly people in poverty; global because people from across the world will collaborate to build IDMoney, setting the base for a global government community and decentralized multi-government crypto.

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Token Details
  • Whitelist
    1 May 2018 - 31 May 2018
  • Pre Sale
    1 Jun 2018 - 30 Jun 2018 (1.0 ETH = 2626.0 idm)
  • Public Sale
    1 Jul 2018 - 31 Aug 2018 (1.0 ETH = 1333.0 idm)
  • Ticker
  • Platform
  • Country
    Costa Rica
  • Accepting
  • Restrictions
    • China (Total Restriction)
    • United States (Total Restriction)
  • Total Raised
  • Soft Cap
    500 ETH
  • Hard Cap
    12,000 ETH
  • Total Tokens
  • Available For Sale
  • Bounty
  • KYC Required
Team Members
Eli Rouimi profile picture
Eli Rouimi
Alfonso Molina profile picture
Alfonso Molina
Honorary President
Emanuel S. Benjamin profile picture
Emanuel S. Benjamin
CEO & Honorary President
Manuel Vargas profile picture
Manuel Vargas
Project Lead Manager
Alejandro Llobet profile picture
Alejandro Llobet
Business Development Manager
Luis E. Loría  profile picture
Luis E. Loría
Vice President of Alliances
Nicholas Henrik Preuss Torres profile picture
Nicholas Henrik Preuss Torres
Business Development
Mauricio Molina A. profile picture
Mauricio Molina A.
VP Business Development
Carlos Picado profile picture
Carlos Picado
Community Manager
Glen Alvarez profile picture
Glen Alvarez
Social Development
Avonne Colebrooke profile picture
Avonne Colebrooke
Communication and Coordinations Manager
William Martinez profile picture
William Martinez
Illustrator & Animation Artist
Federico Garcia profile picture
Federico Garcia
Graphic Designer & Art Director
Ezequiel Saidman profile picture
Ezequiel Saidman
Drupal Platform Expert
Jack Aguero profile picture
Jack Aguero
Community Manager
Jose Melendez profile picture
Jose Melendez
Web Developer
Javier Castro profile picture
Javier Castro
Community Manager
William Guevara profile picture
William Guevara
Tech Support
Luis Saborio profile picture
Luis Saborio
Neeraj Singh profile picture
Neeraj Singh
Senior Compliance Officer
Kattia Martin profile picture
Kattia Martin
Costa Rican Parliament Executive
Angel Ramirez profile picture
Angel Ramirez
Illustrator & Animation Artis
Patricia Viquez profile picture
Patricia Viquez
Local government research assistant
Iago Cuesta profile picture
Iago Cuesta
Poverty Reduction Manager
Mauricio Miranda Gutiérrez profile picture
Mauricio Miranda Gutiérrez
Audio Visual Manager & Communications Manager
Maria José Arguello Grossman profile picture
Maria José Arguello Grossman
Public Relations
  Viviana Masis Tercero profile picture
Viviana Masis Tercero
Tania Montoya Garcia profile picture
Tania Montoya Garcia
Graphic Designer
Abigail Morales Jimenez profile picture
Abigail Morales Jimenez
Jairo Navarro profile picture
Jairo Navarro
Senior Development Coordinator
Jacobo Aizenman profile picture
Jacobo Aizenman
Todd Conley profile picture
Todd Conley
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