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Finance / Banking

"InsCoin for Knox Project" aims to establish the first insurance company that will accept a Crypto (INSC) for the payment of insurance premiums, and the first that, with the help of the blockchain, will solve the problem of falsification of insurance policies.
The KNOX project will be the first insurance company that merges the real world with the digital one using Blockchain technology, creating the most efficient and advanced structure in the sector, to find a solution to the problem of certification and anti-forgery of insurance policies. It will be the first ever to emit insurance policies both in smart-contract and traditional paper form.
With the smart contract the spread of false insurance policies is avoided because it is the same system that issues them after receiving the payment.
With the smart contract the company won't have delay in collecting credits, as the policy is issued only after receiving the payment.

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Token Details
  • Whitelist
    15 Jun 2018 - 22 Jun 2018
  • Pre Sale
    23 Jun 2018 - 8 Jul 2018 (1.0 ETH = 5000.0 insc)
  • Public Sale
    23 Jul 2018 - 30 Aug 2018 (1.0 ETH = 5000.0 insc)
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  • Country
  • Accepting
  • Restrictions
    • China (Total Restriction)
    • United States (Total Restriction)
  • Total Raised
  • Soft Cap
    5,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap
    39,444 ETH
  • Total Tokens
  • Available For Sale
  • Bounty
  • KYC Required
Team Members
Agostino Raffaele Luongo profile picture
Agostino Raffaele Luongo
Chief Executive Officer
Anna Maria Calcagni profile picture
Anna Maria Calcagni
Chief Financial Officer
Simone Trifiletti profile picture
Simone Trifiletti
Chief Operating Officer
Gennarino Scalise profile picture
Gennarino Scalise
Insurance Network Specialist
Giuseppe Stabile profile picture
Giuseppe Stabile
Alessandro Preti profile picture
Alessandro Preti
Marketing & Communication
Giuseppe Luongo profile picture
Giuseppe Luongo
Andrea Mancini profile picture
Andrea Mancini
Chief Marketing Officer
Silvio Papa profile picture
Silvio Papa
Francesco Saraco profile picture
Francesco Saraco
Simone Stella profile picture
Simone Stella
Mario Moschetta profile picture
Mario Moschetta
Human Resources
Francesco Di Luzio profile picture
Francesco Di Luzio
Support & Communication
 Riccardo Milani profile picture
Riccardo Milani
Support & Communication
Enzo Monesi profile picture
Enzo Monesi
Support & Communication
Stefano Marozzi profile picture
Stefano Marozzi
Support & Communication
Francesco Piras profile picture
Francesco Piras
Mauro Pili profile picture
Mauro Pili
Klemen Stibilj profile picture
Klemen Stibilj
Lucrezia Cosentino profile picture
Lucrezia Cosentino
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