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Company mission
We empower each individual to have control over their personal data, how it is used, and how to profit from it.

Short Description
iTrue is modular Blockchain and Biometric solution focused on giving users control of their own data back from big technology firms.
We secure access to the system with facial recognition software which means your face is the key to your data.
Data is stored on a state-of-the-art Stone Storage solution which is a combination of blockchain and distributed database technology.

Long Description
iTrue provides Self-Sovereign Biometric Identity for Decentralized Web.

1. “Self-Sovereign” also known as self-ownership is the idea that people should own their own data.
Using iTrue, businesses cannot just freely use data from users, they must request the data and the user must consent to this usage. Users are rewarded each time they decide to share data with a business but it is a voluntary sharing of data.

2. “Biometric Identity” means we can offer face identification online and offline (i.e. visitors to trade centers, hotels, conferences, taxis, etc. so businesses know when to reward or punish someone in case they misbehaved).

3. "Decentralized Web", also called web 3.0, is the next generation of internet as a p2p network built around blockchain technology. We want to give control of data back to its rightful owners.
We also want to make sure our platform is secure by having no single point of failure where hackers can steal or tamper with data.

At the core of iTrue’s platform is blockchain and facial recognition technologies.
We are tackling data security issues head on with our state-of-the-art Stone Storage solution, a distributed database that enables users to store information without the need for a centralized server as it’s based off of blockchain distributed ledger principles.
Personal information on our Stone Storage solution is stored separately from its record of transaction and can be divided into different levels and categories. This allows users to decide which information to share with which party, putting users in complete control over sensitive information.
We are taking data security to the next level by securing information using biometric technology. Users must successfully verify their identity by scanning their face or eye iris in order to access their stored data.

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Mikhail Podlinev
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Max Tkachenko
Chief Executive Officer
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Abhishek Gangwar
Chief CV Engineer
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Antoshi Popov
Chief Strategy Officer
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Jared Polites
Head of Marketing
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Maxim Akinin
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Evgeny Prosvirin
Frontend Developer
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Egor Savushkin
Chief Business Development Officer
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Raul Abdullin
Art Director
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J. Angelo Racoma
Content Strategist
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Pankhuri Bansal
Analyst and Research Writer
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Maria Anishchenkova
Lead PR Manager
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Daniel Romano
Lead Community Manager
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Elano Silveira
PR Manager, LATAM
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Heather Lo
Community Manager, ASEAN
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Ann Okruzhko
Community Manager, CIS
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Ahmad Aliek
Financial Strategy Advisor
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Shopping Mall Europa
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Crypto Valley
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