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Joint Education or JointEDU Platform is demanding to create a center of education from every part of the world to support education for anyone at any level. We want to eliminate limitation and boundary in education and encourage everybody to share their knowledge and skills through our future online learning system. Student from every country around the world can access to our system. We will use Blockchain technologies to enhance JointEDU Platform.

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    16 Apr 2018 - 31 May 2018
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Team Members
Khajorndej Tantayotai profile picture
Khajorndej Tantayotai
CO - CEO (As Technical Specialist &Marketing Analysis)
Jirapat Temrat profile picture
Jirapat Temrat
CO-CEO (As Source Code and Software Director)
Poramin Limpaporn profile picture
Poramin Limpaporn
Co-CEO (As Text Editor and Social Network Director)
Rattaphon Temrat  profile picture
Rattaphon Temrat
As Financial Account Director
Chirayut Temrat profile picture
Chirayut Temrat
As Network Director and Technology Consultant
Xu Mei Yun  profile picture
Xu Mei Yun
As Accounting Consultant
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