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LabStart ICO

Finance / Banking

In order to open the innovative ecosystem to everyone, LabStart intends to use the various models of crowdfunding by incorporating the concept of patents. Once the innovation project finished and the technology or the product itself developed, each investor will hold a share of the patent ownership. Sharing the patent ownership and tracking the innovative process are made thanks to the blockchain and smart contracts technology, via the LabStart platform.

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    25 Mar 2018 - 25 Jun 2018
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    • United States (Total Restriction)
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    1,000 ETH
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    33,600,000 LAB
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Team Members
Arthur Sultan profile picture
Arthur Sultan
Co-founder & CTO
Nicolas Pauwels profile picture
Nicolas Pauwels
Co-founder & CEO
Julien Lin profile picture
Julien Lin
Blockchain & Trading Developer
Estelle Delon profile picture
Estelle Delon
Lead Designer
Melissa Palmer profile picture
Melissa Palmer
Business Lawyer
Nicolas Page profile picture
Nicolas Page
Korean PR
Adrien Lepic profile picture
Adrien Lepic
European Operations
Jerome Chabbert profile picture
Jerome Chabbert
Health Industry Specialist
Jordan Cheblal profile picture
Jordan Cheblal
PR & Marketing
Iris Zheng profile picture
Iris Zheng
Asian operations
Maxime Rodier profile picture
Maxime Rodier
UI/UX Designer
Camille Daux profile picture
Camille Daux
Digital Content Manager
Michel Colombo profile picture
Michel Colombo
Johann Stan profile picture
Johann Stan
Dipankar Bose profile picture
Dipankar Bose
Michele Zilocchi profile picture
Michele Zilocchi
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