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Ideologically the MAVRO project aims to transform the MLM marketplace. MAVRO will be an
ERC23 token which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain platform to help revolutionize the $178B
MLM industry throughout the world. With a strong development and leadership team, the
MAVRO project has ambitious goals to establish itself as the go-to payment solution and
transparency platform for all MLM ventures across the globe.

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    21 Jan 2018 - 15 May 2018 (1.0 ETH = 4700.0 mmm)
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  • Total Raised
    1,460,182.00 USD
  • Soft Cap
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    100,000 ETH
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Sergey Mavrodi profile picture
Sergey Mavrodi
Victor Geld profile picture
Victor Geld
Stepan Demura profile picture
Stepan Demura
Ana Paula de Paula profile picture
Ana Paula de Paula
Brazil, Volta Redonda
Ribeiro Silva profile picture
Ribeiro Silva
Brazil, São JOSÈ
Evgeny Andreev profile picture
Evgeny Andreev
Russia, Samara
Igor Krivoshein profile picture
Igor Krivoshein
Russia, Ufa
Anna Pushkina profile picture
Anna Pushkina
Russia, Moscow
Alexander Komor profile picture
Alexander Komor
Russia, Moscow
Andrey Eliseev profile picture
Andrey Eliseev
Russia, Simferopol
Bitlife profile picture
Russia, Ulyanovsk
Alexander Svistunov profile picture
Alexander Svistunov
Russia, Saratov
Sergey Popov profile picture
Sergey Popov
Russia, Sochi
Andrey Morozov profile picture
Andrey Morozov
Russia, Kemerovo
Aleksey Ryazanov profile picture
Aleksey Ryazanov
Russia, Novosibirks
Ivan Zolotovsky profile picture
Ivan Zolotovsky
Russia, Volgograd
Viktor Naumenko profile picture
Viktor Naumenko
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Vadim Iljin profile picture
Vadim Iljin
Russia, Krasnodar
Evgeny Motilenko profile picture
Evgeny Motilenko
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Sergey Bogatskov profile picture
Sergey Bogatskov
Russia, Penza
Igor Belozor profile picture
Igor Belozor
Ukrain, Vinnytsia
Aleksey Usmanov profile picture
Aleksey Usmanov
Russia, Yekaterinburg
Oleg Lomaev profile picture
Oleg Lomaev
Russia, Izhevsk
Maksim Maksimov profile picture
Maksim Maksimov
Russia, Voronezh
Danil Sherkhan profile picture
Danil Sherkhan
Russia, Nizhny
Wan hui jun profile picture
Wan hui jun
China, Weihai
Taven Qin profile picture
Taven Qin
China, Fo shan
Gurudev Enterprise profile picture
Gurudev Enterprise
India, Gujarat-Ahmedabad
Divine Agunloye profile picture
Divine Agunloye
Indonesia, Batang
Nicko Farizki profile picture
Nicko Farizki
Indonesia, Banjarmasin
Olanrewaju Anigilaje profile picture
Olanrewaju Anigilaje
Nigeria, Ibadan
Morrison Wilson profile picture
Morrison Wilson
Nigeria, Lagos
Tomas Ruzovic profile picture
Tomas Ruzovic
Czech Republic, Praha
Terhemen Ngaji profile picture
Terhemen Ngaji
Nigeria, Benue
Princewill Nlekwem profile picture
Princewill Nlekwem
Nigeria, Okigwe
Daniel Philip profile picture
Daniel Philip
Nigeria, J. Taraba State
Jimoh Hassan profile picture
Jimoh Hassan
Nigeria, Ilorin
John Oaikhena profile picture
John Oaikhena
Nigeria, Lagos
Onos Jeffrey profile picture
Onos Jeffrey
Nigeria, Lagos
Saheed Mustapha profile picture
Saheed Mustapha
Nigeria, Osogbo
Ayegbusi Raphael profile picture
Ayegbusi Raphael
Nigeria, Akure
Yinka Abiola profile picture
Yinka Abiola
Nigeria, Lagos
Azara Michael profile picture
Azara Michael
Nigeria, Minna
Sbonelo Mchunu profile picture
Sbonelo Mchunu
South Africa, Durban
Iroboinose Aimiebenomon profile picture
Iroboinose Aimiebenomon
F.C. Territory
Ruth Abatan profile picture
Ruth Abatan
Nigeria, Lagos
Olawale John profile picture
Olawale John
Nigeria, Lagos
Daniel Omario profile picture
Daniel Omario
Nigeria, Port Harcourt
Francis Obiekwe profile picture
Francis Obiekwe
Nigeria, Onitsha
Jesse Ngaji profile picture
Jesse Ngaji
Nigeria, Lagos
Andrew Edoh profile picture
Andrew Edoh
Nigeria, Lagos
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