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BCH 3.58%
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MetaMorph ICO

Decentralized Exchange

MetaMorph is more than just a coin, it's an easy exchangeable platform that can switch digital currencies between eachother. The coin switching as we call Morph combines the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market.

MetaMorph is an easy to use and very unique coin swapping exchange to give the user the best exchange rates with low spreads, secure and backup coin and quickly and easily move cryptocurrency around without the hassle of getting into the traditional exchanges that are over complicated and extremely difficult to manage digital assets in todays market.

MetaMorph is a first of it’s kind enabling anyone to be able to easily exchange and store coins in a secure wallet, check portfolio with easy to understand charts and backup in realtime.

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Token Details
  • Whitelist
  • Pre Sale
    17 Apr 2018 - 27 May 2018 (0.08 USD = 1.0 metm)
  • Public Sale
    28 May 2018 - 14 Jul 2018 (0.2 USD = 1.0 metm)
  • Ticker
  • Platform
  • Country
  • Accepting
  • Restrictions
    • United States (Total Restriction)
    • South Korea (Total Restriction)
    • China (Total Restriction)
  • Total Raised
  • Soft Cap
    1,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap
    15,000,000 USD
  • Total Tokens
  • Available For Sale
  • Bounty
  • KYC Required
Team Members
Daniel Lew profile picture
Daniel Lew
Founder & CEO
Angelo Lauro profile picture
Angelo Lauro
Financial Manager
Marwan Fikrat profile picture
Marwan Fikrat
Software Developer
Sudhir Shrestha profile picture
Sudhir Shrestha
Lead Programmer
Lucas Roitman profile picture
Lucas Roitman
Computer Scientist
Gytis Ceglys profile picture
Gytis Ceglys
UX Architect
Jeff Caceres profile picture
Jeff Caceres
PR Marketing
Yashir Inedal profile picture
Yashir Inedal
Airdrop Manager
Zelman Lew profile picture
Zelman Lew
Creative Director
Jean Auditor profile picture
Jean Auditor
Jesse Elizalde profile picture
Jesse Elizalde
Support Coordinator
Abit Ghimire profile picture
Abit Ghimire
Exchange Advisor
Mark Jacobsen profile picture
Mark Jacobsen
Technical Advisor
Dan Litwak profile picture
Dan Litwak
Thomas Miller profile picture
Thomas Miller
Blockchain Advisor
David Yao profile picture
David Yao
Strategic Advisor
Søren A. Jørgensen profile picture
Søren A. Jørgensen
IT Developer
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