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Innovative industrial production of professional equipment for the Oil&Gas industry, high margin project with IRR 64%, ROI 158%. Total sales should become to about 204 million US dollars with the project lifetime. With the great potential of obtaining own oil field exploration licenses in Eurasia.

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    1 Mar 2018 - 1 Jun 2018
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Team Members
Timur Izbasarov profile picture
Timur Izbasarov
Project Manager, CEO
Evgeny Mikryukov profile picture
Evgeny Mikryukov
Technical Manager, DCEO
Stanislav Shestakov profile picture
Stanislav Shestakov
Technical Director, COO
Oleg Ivanovich Shavrin profile picture
Oleg Ivanovich Shavrin
Project Advisor
Samson Lee profile picture
Samson Lee
Emile Dubié profile picture
Emile Dubié
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