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Open Source University ICO


Open Source University is the World's Academic & Career Development Ledger in the process of making. It is to be empowering 7 billion learners to connect to world's top academic education and professional development opportunities on the Ethereum blockchain. OS University provides a distributed platform to track and validate (in an immutable manner) individual academic and professional development achievements for learners throughout the world. Through the platform, learners are one reach away from the best educational offerings (thanks to the marketplace side of the solution) and one reach away from hiring businesses (thanks to the job matchmaking side of it). By using smart contracts, we store all the certification, reflecting learning and development progress of the learners into the blockchain and give them access to education and professional opportunities, corresponding with their interests and achievements. Businesses on the other hand benefit by targeting the right candidates

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  • Pre Sale
    15 Feb 2018 - 30 Apr 2018 (1.0 ETH = 1350.0 edu)
  • Public Sale
    4 Jun 2018 - 2 Jul 2018 (0.426 USD = 1.0 edu)
  • Ticker
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  • Country
  • Accepting
    BTC, ETH, Fiat
  • Restrictions
  • Total Raised
    500,000.00 USD
  • Soft Cap
    3,750 ETH
  • Hard Cap
    44,000 ETH
  • Total Tokens
  • Available For Sale
  • Bounty
  • KYC Required
Team Members
Gordon Kerr profile picture
Gordon Kerr
Senior Investment Advisor
Hristian Daskalov profile picture
Hristian Daskalov
Project Lead
Jordan Jambazov profile picture
Jordan Jambazov
Technology Lead
Momchil Jambazov profile picture
Momchil Jambazov
Creative Technologist
Dobromir Kovachev profile picture
Dobromir Kovachev
Blockchain Developer
Vsevolod Okhrimenko profile picture
Vsevolod Okhrimenko
Software Developer
Teodora Alexieva profile picture
Teodora Alexieva
Marketing Manager
Margarita Taskova profile picture
Margarita Taskova
Digital Designer
Prof. Kevin Dowd profile picture
Prof. Kevin Dowd
Token Economics Visionary
Aly Madhavji profile picture
Aly Madhavji
Senior Strategy Advisor
Detelina Smilkova profile picture
Detelina Smilkova
Senior Academia Advisor
Ian Scarffe profile picture
Ian Scarffe
Senior Crypto Advisor
Jeroen van Hertum profile picture
Jeroen van Hertum
Senior Corporate Advisor
Kalin Tsekov profile picture
Kalin Tsekov
Senior Technology Advisor
Prof. Ognyan Andreev profile picture
Prof. Ognyan Andreev
Academia Ambassador
Investor Media Group profile picture
Investor Media Group
VUZF University profile picture
VUZF University
Brain Workshop profile picture
Brain Workshop
JobTiger profile picture
JobTiger Recruitment profile picture
JobTiger Recruitment
Cobden Partners profile picture
Cobden Partners
Jamba profile picture
Стопански факултет profile picture
Стопански факултет
National Representation of Student Counsel profile picture
National Representation of Student Counsel
Access MBA profile picture
Access MBA
io era profile picture
io era
Navigato profile picture
Blockchain Founders Fund profile picture
Blockchain Founders Fund
Succeed profile picture
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