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The foundation of the ORIS.SPACE project is an intuitive forecasting system: the ORIS mobile app, in which existing and well-known components are have been combined into a new configuration. The result is a unique technique for accessing the human subconscious, which is used to create reliable, relevant, and easily verified profiles of people. The ORIS.SPACE project, thanks to its promotion through the ORIS mobile app, is the first to give profile owners the ability to make money themselves from their profiles by answering questions from various market research organizations and opinion polls. They can also take advantage of a range of other services, from forecast exchanges and bookmaking offices to questions drawn from everyday life.

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Team Members
Alexandr Kolokhmatov profile picture
Alexandr Kolokhmatov
Oris.Space Founder/ORIS app developer
Alexandr Ozerov profile picture
Alexandr Ozerov
Oris.Space Founder/Head of Technical Department
Galiya Akhmetzhanova profile picture
Galiya Akhmetzhanova
Oris.Space Founder/EBRD Mentor
Kuanysh Omarov profile picture
Kuanysh Omarov
Oris.Space Founder
Mamed Sadykh-Pur profile picture
Mamed Sadykh-Pur
Brand manager (author of the ideological concept)
Merey Sarsengeldin profile picture
Merey Sarsengeldin
Head of Oris.Space-Data Analytics Laboratory
Albert Din profile picture
Albert Din
Back-end developer, architect of the platform
Roman Kabenko profile picture
Roman Kabenko
Mobile App developer
Abulkhair Shakharzatov profile picture
Abulkhair Shakharzatov
Marketing Manager
Pavel Vinichenko profile picture
Pavel Vinichenko
System administrator
Yerlan Zhanakov profile picture
Yerlan Zhanakov
Oleg Abdrakhmanov profile picture
Oleg Abdrakhmanov
Programmer software developer
Saule Gabdulgazizova profile picture
Saule Gabdulgazizova
Oris.Space Project Lawyer
Yelena Bliumkin profile picture
Yelena Bliumkin
Finance specialist
Katerina Yermakova profile picture
Katerina Yermakova
Dmitrii Badovskii profile picture
Dmitrii Badovskii
Big Data Analyst, Engineer-Economist
Aygerim Alimova profile picture
Aygerim Alimova
Administrative Department Manager
Yasmin Alpiyeva profile picture
Yasmin Alpiyeva
Marketing Manager
Maryam Beskempir profile picture
Maryam Beskempir
ICO Analyst
Sofia Din profile picture
Sofia Din
Back-end developer
Nurlan Nurgazin profile picture
Nurlan Nurgazin
Game analyst
Ildar Gert profile picture
Ildar Gert
Oris.Space Project Scientific consultant
Olga Sokolova profile picture
Olga Sokolova
Oris.Space Project consultant
Aziz Zhambakiyev profile picture
Aziz Zhambakiyev
The author of Oris.Space films
Ravil Mukhamediev profile picture
Ravil Mukhamediev
Academic Supervisor of the KazNTU/Oris.Space Project consultant
Irina Kudritskaya profile picture
Irina Kudritskaya
Psychologist/ORIS app developer
Irina Olshanskaya profile picture
Irina Olshanskaya
Visual novel Developer
Andrey Poltoratskikh profile picture
Andrey Poltoratskikh
Satbayev University profile picture
Satbayev University
Juscutum profile picture
Smile-Expo profile picture
Virgil Security profile picture
Virgil Security
Alconost profile picture
ICOList profile picture
ICOHOLDER profile picture
ABDK profile picture
ICO Glory profile picture
ICO Glory
TokenGo profile picture
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