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PCNC COIN is a coin for the porn and adult chat network and the issue that we wish to solve is the fast transaction issue that those types of websites have and also the Anonymous Issue that users suffers from when they want to stay anonymous and to do fast transactions on the porn and adult chat sites.

We will not ask for KYC and our Block chain will be anonymous and highly Secured in Order to make sure all transaction will stay on the same PCNC Network and the network will be anonymous and fast transacted between users. Each user will have id number and he will not need to login with email or phone or name! Login and authentication will be with id and password and PCNC (Porn Chat Network) will be safe and anonymous for all users.

Users that will buy tokens of PCNC will need to fill up a form and when we finish development of the wallet and block chain, user will login with his id and password that he set while register in ICO and they will see the coins that they bought in the secure anonymous wallet. Our technology will be based on ERC 20 and we wish to start development when we finish the ICO.

We utilize the popular ERC 20 block chain technology allowing other developers to join seamlessly and without worry. We need to raise 10 million dollar in total for development project. Our goal is to sell the 700,000,000 Coins in ICO. We will keep 200,000,000 For The team, advisors and marketing companies. We are now already approved by the biggest Chat online Platform and in negotiation with more than 20 Chat Platforms and websites For porn and online chat companies.

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    1 Jul 2018 - 15 Nov 2018 (0.02 USD = 1.0 pcnc)
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    4,764,997.10 USD
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Roee Ben Shushan
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Daniel Ayash
VP Strategy & Operation
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Avi Eliyahu
Customers & Regulations
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Idan Ben Shushan
BlockChain Advisor & Marketing
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