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Personal Data Democracy ICO


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Monetize your personal data
Marketplace for secure buying and selling of personal data on the blockchain
World´s first decentralized marketplace for trading of personal data ensuring consumer´s data privacy

Buy and sell personal data
Secure buying and selling of personal data
Trade your personal data
Secure trading of personal data
Make money selling your personal data

Marketplace for the secure trading of personal data on the blockchain
Marketplace for buying and selling of personal data on the blockchain

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    15 Apr 2018 - 27 May 2018
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    35,000,000 USD
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Team Members
Dr.-Ing. Christian Lange profile picture
Dr.-Ing. Christian Lange
Founder & CEO
Dipl.-Inf. Marlene Gagesch profile picture
Dipl.-Inf. Marlene Gagesch
Co-Founder & CTO
Christine Seraph profile picture
Christine Seraph
Sales Manager
Gerard Bute profile picture
Gerard Bute
Sales Assistant
James Quentin profile picture
James Quentin
Sales Assistant
Alexander Tauber profile picture
Alexander Tauber
Sales Assistant
Toma Corbu profile picture
Toma Corbu
Software architecture
Marius Balaban profile picture
Marius Balaban
Frontend development
Dorin Danilov profile picture
Dorin Danilov
App development
Daniel Turcan profile picture
Daniel Turcan
App development
Eugen Melentii profile picture
Eugen Melentii
App development
Vlad Blana profile picture
Vlad Blana
Algorithm development
Paul Olteanu profile picture
Paul Olteanu
Frontend development
Bogdan Uretu profile picture
Bogdan Uretu
Razvan Tautu profile picture
Razvan Tautu
UX Design
Ismail Malik profile picture
Ismail Malik
Founder & CEO Blockchain Lab
Daciana Octavia Sarbu profile picture
Daciana Octavia Sarbu
Member of the European Parliament
Dr. Wolfram Remlinger profile picture
Dr. Wolfram Remlinger
Research & Development Audi AG
Sam Lee profile picture
Sam Lee
Director of Research Strategic Coin
Mihai Dumitrescu profile picture
Mihai Dumitrescu
CTO rosoftlab
Michael Mazier profile picture
Michael Mazier
Co-Founder Lending Calc
Pavel Kapelnikov profile picture
Pavel Kapelnikov
Principal Chelsea Holdings Company
Angel Colon profile picture
Angel Colon
Financial Officer and Wallstreet Advisor
Strategic Coin profile picture
Strategic Coin
Amazix profile picture
Monaco Growth Forums profile picture
Monaco Growth Forums
Blockchain Lab profile picture
Blockchain Lab
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