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ROMAD Endpoint Defense ICO


ROMAD Endpoint Defence is fully functional next generation antivirus that is using innovative patented approach to chase the malware. This s revolutionary approach to cybersecurity. It is already working on the enterprise markets of Ukraine and Malaysia.
ROMAD has gained its reputation within the B2B sector and has received a number of prestigious awards like Cyber Security Shark Tank in US.
We offer a unique distribution business model. Our antivirus is distributed completely free of charge. And you pay only for the successfully repelled attacks. No attack, no payment.
Defence Token is our unique ROMAD token which contains the license (the license key) for ROMAD Endpoint Defence.
By purchasing the Defense token, a token owner is free to transfer this license (actually, the license code only) to third parties that will become the end users of the product. There is no need to sell the token itself.
The antivirus license is provided by the token owner to other people for free. The token owner will get revenue (passive income) for repelling attacks on the end user’s computer. A payment occurs only if attack is successfully repelled. No attack, no payment.
There are two options to make your token work:
- distribute the license yourself and get 60% of the payment
- transfer it to the ROMAD Marketplace and get 40%
When a virus attacks the endpoint, the ROMAD Endpoint Defense repels it. The fee for the repelled attack is written off from the end user's balance.
An appropriate portion of the fee is immediately transferred to the token owner's crypto wallet by the smart contract.
No antivirus on the market offers such a solution. It is our unique competitive advantage.

Technical details:
ROMAD Endpoint Defense is the most innovative antivirus of the next generation.
It combats the families, not the strains.
The number of the strains does not matter now.
Previous strains, current strains, future strains, ROMAD will catch and eradicate them all!

Round A: Private presale (30 days):
Start: 15.07.2018; End: 15.08.2018
Round В: PreSale (30 days):
Start: 20.08.2018; End: 20.09.2018
Round С: IEO (30 days):
Start: 25.09.2018; End: 25.10.2018

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  • Pre Sale
    20 Aug 2018 - 20 Sep 2018
  • Public Sale
    25 Sep 2018 - 25 Oct 2018 (0.00288 USDT = 1.0 rbdt)
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  • Country
    Hong Kong
  • Accepting
    ETH, BTC
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  • Total Raised
  • Soft Cap
    10,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap
    23,724 ETH
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  • Available For Sale
  • Bounty
  • KYC Required
Team Members
Yevgen Melnyk profile picture
Yevgen Melnyk
CEO, Co-founder
Sergey Loshak profile picture
Sergey Loshak
CFO, Co-founder
Volodymyr Hrytsan profile picture
Volodymyr Hrytsan
CTO, Co-founder
Igor Zhukov profile picture
Igor Zhukov
CEO of ROMAD Security Holding Ltd.
Henry Gresthone profile picture
Henry Gresthone
COO of ROMAD Security Holding Ltd.
Francois Zhang profile picture
Francois Zhang
CSO of ROMAD Security Holding Ltd.ity Holding Ltd.
Igor Kozachenko profile picture
Igor Kozachenko
Evgeny Tumoyan profile picture
Evgeny Tumoyan
Senior researcher and manager
Elena Lusta profile picture
Elena Lusta
Integration manager
Anatolii Sviridenkov profile picture
Anatolii Sviridenkov
Senior developer and manager
Dmitriy Rusin profile picture
Dmitriy Rusin
Senior researcher and manager
Vitalii Yeremenko profile picture
Vitalii Yeremenko
Senior developer and manager
Andrii Ovcharenko profile picture
Andrii Ovcharenko
Blockchain development manager
Nataliia Protsiv profile picture
Nataliia Protsiv
Head of Legal Department
Alexander Artemenko profile picture
Alexander Artemenko
BDM Ukrainian office
Nadezhda Vasylieva profile picture
Nadezhda Vasylieva
CVO, Member of the supervisory board
Andrii Yurchenko profile picture
Andrii Yurchenko
Country manager Malaysia
Illia Salata profile picture
Illia Salata
Sales lead Malaysia
Katya Semenova profile picture
Katya Semenova
Country manager Ukraine
Sergei Gerasimenko profile picture
Sergei Gerasimenko
Bounty manager
Taras Rudenko profile picture
Taras Rudenko
Support manager, System administrators
Aleksey Pavlov profile picture
Aleksey Pavlov
Senior developer for python back-end for XENs; ROMAD server back-end
Oleksii Duvanov profile picture
Oleksii Duvanov
Senior developer for ROMAD server - Front-end
Tigran Apozyan profile picture
Tigran Apozyan
Senior AI developer (math apparatus), ROMAD AI
Andrei Sydiuk profile picture
Andrei Sydiuk
Senior AI developer (math apparatus), ROMAD AI
Alexander Sirenko profile picture
Alexander Sirenko
System administrator
Anton Kurnosov profile picture
Anton Kurnosov
System administrator
Aleksey Oleynikov profile picture
Aleksey Oleynikov
Server maintenance, System administrators
Mykhaylo Lyhyrda profile picture
Mykhaylo Lyhyrda
XEN factory maintenance, System administrators
Svyatoslav Kolyada profile picture
Svyatoslav Kolyada
Junior QA, ROMAD client
Gleb Lamm profile picture
Gleb Lamm
Senior system call interception platform developer, ROMAD client
Yurii Zilinskyi profile picture
Yurii Zilinskyi
Senior system call interception platform developer, ROMAD client
Vitalii Siruk profile picture
Vitalii Siruk
Senior QA, ROMAD client
Leonid Sanopulos profile picture
Leonid Sanopulos
Intermediate QA, ROMAD client
Ruslan Tsventarniy profile picture
Ruslan Tsventarniy
Senior Genetic sequences developer
Sergey Matushenko profile picture
Sergey Matushenko
Intermediate Genetic sequences developer
Oleg Kalinin profile picture
Oleg Kalinin
Intermediate Genetic sequences developer
Vitalii Liakhovyi profile picture
Vitalii Liakhovyi
Intermediate QA, Genetic sequences
Andrei Ivlev profile picture
Andrei Ivlev
Senior developer, Digital forensics
Vadzim Liashenka profile picture
Vadzim Liashenka
Senior developer, Digital forensics
Ruslan Bogdan profile picture
Ruslan Bogdan
Senior developer, Digital forensics
Viacheslav Lukianov profile picture
Viacheslav Lukianov
Senior QA, Digital forensics
Andrei Chabina profile picture
Andrei Chabina
L1 support engineer, Support
Viktor Dzobak profile picture
Viktor Dzobak
L1 support engineer, Support
Richard Wang profile picture
Richard Wang
Arthur Cheong profile picture
Arthur Cheong
Wu Yuanwen profile picture
Wu Yuanwen
Ryan Ma profile picture
Ryan Ma
Ismail Malik  profile picture
Ismail Malik
Kirill Kazakov profile picture
Kirill Kazakov
Denis Dovgopoliy profile picture
Denis Dovgopoliy
Thomas Ng profile picture
Thomas Ng
Keda Che profile picture
Keda Che
Xiaoming Cheng profile picture
Xiaoming Cheng
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