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Technology & Science

Rudrcoin - is a blockchain technology innovation eco-system. Our community believes in a new growth-oriented world, in which all innovators have the chance to make true their dreams. We are confident that we can achieve it because of our dedication and coordination. Our, innovative thinkers in R&D departments, on production lines and in marketing companies will be able to focus on doing what they do best-creating the solutions needed for a better world.
Employment opportunities are emerged through, expertise within the community brings mentoring, learning. In sense, successful projects are those which generate development, branding, and the market for further growth or issued as rewards to members. Rudrcoin is blockchain agnostic and will harness the features of any open-ledger platform to showcase its potential.

So far the same, here is the golden key to unlock the doors of infinite opportunities by formulating an optimum ecosystem for seekers, researchers, innovators, developers, and inventors. The Innovation Ecosystem is the perfect platform to implement their ideas and concepts and to nurture them until they ornament to become real, viable and ready-to-use products. Our platform will give the opportunity to invest in some of the greatest inventions, innovations, and discoveries that in the future might just change the world as you know it.

The future that we envision will see the decentralization of research-based structures, transferring the power of R&D up to even common hands.

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  • Whitelist
    9 Aug 2018 - 12 Aug 2019
  • Pre Sale
    13 Aug 2018 - 26 Aug 2018 (1.0 BTC = 62000.0 rc)
  • Public Sale
    3 Sep 2018 - 7 Oct 2018 (1.0 BTC = 52000.0 rc)
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  • Accepting
  • Restrictions
    • China (Total Restriction)
  • Total Raised
  • Soft Cap
    200 BTC
  • Hard Cap
    500 BTC
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  • Available For Sale
  • Bounty
  • KYC Required
Team Members
Jitendra Singh profile picture
Jitendra Singh
CEO & Co-Founder
Shivam  Sachan profile picture
Shivam Sachan
CTO & Senior Technical Officer
Shruti  Verma profile picture
Shruti Verma
Senior Human Resoures
Abhishek  Singh profile picture
Abhishek Singh
Web & Software Developer
Abhishek Bhadauria profile picture
Abhishek Bhadauria
Blockchain Expert
Sanjay K. Sharma profile picture
Sanjay K. Sharma
IP Controller
Naseer Ahmad profile picture
Naseer Ahmad
Social Media Broadcasting
Mahendra K.  Nishad profile picture
Mahendra K. Nishad
Graphic Designer
Sachin Kumar profile picture
Sachin Kumar
Marketing Expert
Sunil K.Yadav profile picture
Sunil K.Yadav
Creative and Content writer
Mohammad  Irfan profile picture
Mohammad Irfan
Business Advisor
Jitendra  Srivastava profile picture
Jitendra Srivastava
Finance Advisor
Sanjay  Singh profile picture
Sanjay Singh
Cyber Security Advisor
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