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Exchanges: 270
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Shopin is reinvigorating the retail economy by streamlining the entire shopping experience. By deploying blockchain technology to store value, purchase, and profile data, we are scaling to facilitate a million transactions per second that empower retailers on the open web to provide a decentralized Amazon-like experience with recommendations powered by A.I.

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    - (0.8 USD = 1.0 shop)
  • Public Sale
    30 Mar 2018 - 30 Apr 2018 (0.1 USD = 1.0 shop)
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    United States
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    42,546,499.50 USD
  • Soft Cap
    5,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap
    50,000,000 USD
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Team Members
Eran Eyal profile picture
Eran Eyal
CEO and CoFounder
Divakar Rayapaty profile picture
Divakar Rayapaty
CTO and CoFounder
Doron Wesly profile picture
Doron Wesly
Jeremy Harkness profile picture
Jeremy Harkness
BTO and CoFounder
Michael Herman profile picture
Michael Herman
Abhishek Yermalla profile picture
Abhishek Yermalla
VP of Engineering
Lane Campbell profile picture
Lane Campbell
Strategy and Business Development
Aaron Latham profile picture
Aaron Latham
Strategy and Business Development
Bremelin Romero profile picture
Bremelin Romero
EA & Office Manager
Vladimir Ustinov profile picture
Vladimir Ustinov
Senior Engineer
Alexey Kulyukin profile picture
Alexey Kulyukin
Senior Engineer
Kaelan Finley profile picture
Kaelan Finley
Marketing Associate & Co-Community Lead
Leland Sutton profile picture
Leland Sutton
Marketing Associate & Co-Community Lead
Tom Gonser profile picture
Tom Gonser
Sothi Thillairajah profile picture
Sothi Thillairajah
Mortimer Singer profile picture
Mortimer Singer
Amadeo Brenninkmeijer profile picture
Amadeo Brenninkmeijer
Brad Yasar profile picture
Brad Yasar
David Drake profile picture
David Drake
Parveen Panwar profile picture
Parveen Panwar
Jeff Pulver profile picture
Jeff Pulver
Sampo Parkkinen profile picture
Sampo Parkkinen
Steven Nerayoff profile picture
Steven Nerayoff
Garrette Furo profile picture
Garrette Furo
Nathan Low profile picture
Nathan Low
Moshe Bellows profile picture
Moshe Bellows
Rana Gujral profile picture
Rana Gujral
Sean Koh profile picture
Sean Koh
Michael Boord profile picture
Michael Boord
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