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Virtual Reality

Connect, meet, follow lifelike 3D avatars of superstars, idols, friends, strangers. Access exclusive star content and stake your claim of a new world. Buy, rent, sell, create parts of the next-level social VR universe. It's starting NOW! Participate within the ITO with up to 90% discount and right of pre-emption before the public mass adoption.

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  • Whitelist
    27 May 2018 - 19 Jun 2018
  • Pre Sale
    20 Jun 2018 - 27 Jun 2018 (1.0 USD = 14.28 stt)
  • Public Sale
    27 Jun 2018 - 25 Jul 2018 (1.0 USD = 10.0 stt)
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Team Members
Rolf Elgeti profile picture
Rolf Elgeti
Member of the Board of Directors
Christian Daudert profile picture
Christian Daudert
Managing Director, CEO
Marthe Wolbring profile picture
Marthe Wolbring
Member of the Board of Directors
Prof. Dr. Clemens Skibicki profile picture
Prof. Dr. Clemens Skibicki
Member of the Board of Directors
Marc O. Kneifel profile picture
Marc O. Kneifel
Member of the Board of Directors
Rainer Hjort profile picture
Rainer Hjort
Thomas Frank Richter profile picture
Thomas Frank Richter
Chief Advisor
Martin Bauernfeind profile picture
Martin Bauernfeind
VP VR Development
Anna Krzysztoszek profile picture
Anna Krzysztoszek
VP Operations & Finance
Eric Cochonneau profile picture
Eric Cochonneau
Head of Game Art
Tomo Akiyama profile picture
Tomo Akiyama
Head of Animation
Jan-Michel Saaksmeier profile picture
Jan-Michel Saaksmeier
VP Product
Fausto Araujo profile picture
Fausto Araujo
Gameplay Programmer
Conny Cheng profile picture
Conny Cheng
Game Designer
Edzul Ooi profile picture
Edzul Ooi
Product Manager AR
Christian Hehemann profile picture
Christian Hehemann
Lead Game Designer
Ian Claffey profile picture
Ian Claffey
3D Generalist
Christian Ackens profile picture
Christian Ackens
Junior Blockchain Specialist
Patrick Löwer profile picture
Patrick Löwer
Sales Manager 3Di
Rafael Hack profile picture
Rafael Hack
3D Artist R&D
Calvin Verhoolen profile picture
Calvin Verhoolen
Lead 3D Character Artist
Thorsten Schulz profile picture
Thorsten Schulz
Character Rigger
Richard Kubusch profile picture
Richard Kubusch
Junior Game Designer
Omid Ghotbi profile picture
Omid Ghotbi
Industrial Designer
Manuela Carulli profile picture
Manuela Carulli
Art Director - Marketing
Daniel Rund profile picture
Daniel Rund
Print & Content Manager
Andreas Ittmann profile picture
Andreas Ittmann
Junior Recruiter
Daniel Thiele profile picture
Daniel Thiele
Concept Artist
Maryia Rudak profile picture
Maryia Rudak
Community Manager
Michelle Schulz profile picture
Michelle Schulz
Concept Artist
Marius Meyer-Natus profile picture
Marius Meyer-Natus
Construction & Assembly Manager
Felix Röschke profile picture
Felix Röschke
Game Designer
Thomas Kempkes profile picture
Thomas Kempkes
UI Artist
Davide Sparaco profile picture
Davide Sparaco
Junior Graphics Designer
Erik Vetter profile picture
Erik Vetter
3D Character Artist
Marc Heydrich profile picture
Marc Heydrich
Investor Relations Manager
Patrick Kazmierczak profile picture
Patrick Kazmierczak
Game Artist
Dom Giannone profile picture
Dom Giannone
Senior Producer
Hanno Melchert profile picture
Hanno Melchert
UI Artist
Thorsten Ruploh profile picture
Thorsten Ruploh
Game Artist
Steven Bartels profile picture
Steven Bartels
Lead Game Programmer
Sebastian Röhl profile picture
Sebastian Röhl
Backend Developer
Valeria Bobicova profile picture
Valeria Bobicova
Junior Gameplay Programmer
Thomas Grünberg profile picture
Thomas Grünberg
Matthias Käsch profile picture
Matthias Käsch
Level Artist
Danilo Linhares Mattar profile picture
Danilo Linhares Mattar
3D Junior Character Artist
Nicole Artelt profile picture
Nicole Artelt
Licensing & Sales Manager
Maik Rohland profile picture
Maik Rohland
VP Character Art
Christian Kind profile picture
Christian Kind
Project Manager Character Art
Robert Vitalyos profile picture
Robert Vitalyos
Head of Product
Patrick Wacker profile picture
Patrick Wacker
Director Operations
Marian Woller profile picture
Marian Woller
Lead Animator
Hedda Otte profile picture
Hedda Otte
Executive Assistant to CEO
Sabine Reinsch profile picture
Sabine Reinsch
Administrative Manager HR
Dana Visan profile picture
Dana Visan
Project Manager
Bogdan Diaconu profile picture
Bogdan Diaconu
Senior Character Rigger
Kevin Clare profile picture
Kevin Clare
Junior Animator
Petar Yankov profile picture
Petar Yankov
3D Character Artist
Johannes Zint profile picture
Johannes Zint
Monetization Manager
Niklas Bothe profile picture
Niklas Bothe
Junior Mocap Supervisor
David Hospital Perez profile picture
David Hospital Perez
Junior 3D Character Artist
Silvio Ciabattini profile picture
Silvio Ciabattini
Software Developer
Peter Friend profile picture
Peter Friend
Frontend Developer
Benjamin Hepper profile picture
Benjamin Hepper
Frontdesk Agent
Markus Bedenk profile picture
Markus Bedenk
Game Designer
Thomas Binder profile picture
Thomas Binder
Head of Production
Oleg Solovjov profile picture
Oleg Solovjov
Pipeline Engineer
Patrizia Ibrahim profile picture
Patrizia Ibrahim
Finance Administrator
Tammo Süß profile picture
Tammo Süß
Change Manager
Fredi Bobic profile picture
Fredi Bobic
Chairman of the Advisory Board
Marko Rehmer profile picture
Marko Rehmer
Advisory Board Member
Hasan Salihamidzic profile picture
Hasan Salihamidzic
Advisory Board Member
Peter Reuschel profile picture
Peter Reuschel
Sandra Leonie Ritter profile picture
Sandra Leonie Ritter
Ekaterina Pantyukhina profile picture
Ekaterina Pantyukhina
Michael Hexner profile picture
Michael Hexner
Sergei Filippov profile picture
Sergei Filippov
Berlin Valley profile picture
Berlin Valley
Bravada profile picture
Feros Adviseres profile picture
Feros Adviseres
JBC & Associates profile picture
JBC & Associates
Kicker SportMagazin profile picture
Kicker SportMagazin
Konami profile picture
Paragon profile picture
Sports 2 Business profile picture
Sports 2 Business profile picture
StudioLine Photography profile picture
StudioLine Photography
Tivela profile picture
VR Business Club profile picture
VR Business Club
Leondrino profile picture
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