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support chain

Support Chain


Have a look at worthwhile project SupportChain.
The platform focuses on the global problem of unemployment and charity. The platform is a platform of services where each participant of the platform can earn.
The unit of payment or donation will be cryptocurrency SupportCoin (SUP).
A little more, each of us has a routine or more specialized work.
1-you place an ad on the platform about the required service.
2-the executors respond to your service.
3 - from the list you choose a suitable artist by rating (rating will depend on the quality of services performed and the behavior of the contractor).
4 – You have selected an artist and let's say for the service will pay 100 SUP( Cryptocurrency SupportChain). At the time of the service, the funds will be frozen.
5-the Contractor has performed Your service, then you specify in your LC that the contractor has performed the service, in turn, the contractor indicates that it has performed. Funds are transferred to the contractor.
You will be able to evaluate its performance of the service, which will depend on the rating of the contractor.

Or Vice versa:

1-you are a performer and you have knowledge in plumbing, refrigerator repair, etc.
2 - you place an ad about this or that knowledge of repair, connection, etc.
3-the Customer will be able to contact you directly and agree on the implementation of the service.

Each transaction will get a share to help Fund SupportChain, from where will be redirected the funds to help the needy.
Thus, the supportcoin token (SUP) is charitable, as the Fund will only be replenished from each transaction.
The Fund will be public and everyone will be able to see what charitable needs SupportChain allocates funds"

The main goal of the project is to secure the market of services as much as possible, provide a platform for work and radically reduce the problem of unemployment of the population around the world.
Today, Support Chain is a unique Bulletin Board format that brings together artists and customers around the world.

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