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Artificial Intelligence

TalentSnap is building zero-knowledge proof technology that will automate the hiring process. We are doing so by building Artificial Intelligence technology that will work on decentralized, encrypted, and verified data, while giving control and ownership back to the people. Our AI tech is based on a something we’ve built called FitScore, which analyzes thousands of indicators to determine perfect fit between candidates and employers. Bringing this technology on the blockchain will automate hiring in a very safe way that is beneficial to everyone involved.

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    18 Jul 2018 - 10 Aug 2018
  • Pre Sale
    10 Aug 2018 - 30 Sep 2018 (1.0 ETH = 7000.0 tsc)
  • Public Sale
    1 Oct 2018 - 30 Nov 2018 (0.0462 USD = 1.0 tsc)
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    ETH, BTC
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    2,000 ETH
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    40,000 ETH
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Team Members
Ali Tag profile picture
Ali Tag
Co-founder & CEO
Cody Sklar profile picture
Cody Sklar
Founder & COO
Mehran Kazemi profile picture
Mehran Kazemi
Lead Machine Learning Scientist
Tomislav Horaček profile picture
Tomislav Horaček
Head of Engineering
Cécile Zizzari profile picture
Cécile Zizzari
Executive Assistant
Goran Jorgić profile picture
Goran Jorgić
Web Developer
Radko Kunda profile picture
Radko Kunda
Global Partnership & Recruiting Operations Lead
Kyle Avery profile picture
Kyle Avery
Resident Blockchain Expert
Victor Salim profile picture
Victor Salim
Sourcing Manager
Marcin Zduniak profile picture
Marcin Zduniak
Blockchain Technical Lead
Naviin Kapoor profile picture
Naviin Kapoor
Jonathan Ha profile picture
Jonathan Ha
Adam Traidman profile picture
Adam Traidman
Bob Lehto profile picture
Bob Lehto
Richard Trummer profile picture
Richard Trummer
Giovanni Casagrande profile picture
Giovanni Casagrande
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