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Exchanges: 114
BTCBTC Dominance: 38.7%
ETHETH Dominance: 17.4%
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The 4th Pillar ICO


We have created a blockchain-based future platform that will serve and change human resources industry forever, and at the same time have a positive effect on the environment!

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    2,000,000 EUR
  • Hard Cap
    12,000,000 EUR
  • KYC Required
Team Members
Tali Rezun profile picture
Tali Rezun
Co-founder, CEO
Dusan Lazar profile picture
Dusan Lazar
Co-founder, COO
Roman Dobrina profile picture
Roman Dobrina
Co-founder, CFO
Jaka Gornik profile picture
Jaka Gornik
Co-founder, CMO
Denis Jazbec profile picture
Denis Jazbec
CITO IT&Blockchain development
Boris Savic profile picture
Boris Savic
Smart contract development
Polona Remic profile picture
Polona Remic
Smart contract development
Igor Zorko profile picture
Igor Zorko
IT & Legislation Specialist
Gregor Irt profile picture
Gregor Irt
IT Specialist
Andrej Zorko profile picture
Andrej Zorko
IT Specialist
Andrej Gorenjak profile picture
Andrej Gorenjak
IT Specialist
Marta Pilch profile picture
Marta Pilch
Project Coordinator
Miha Bozic profile picture
Miha Bozic
CSO Business development expert
Janez Skobe profile picture
Janez Skobe
Creative director
Ales Jazbec profile picture
Ales Jazbec
IT & Web Developer
Jan Jordan Franges profile picture
Jan Jordan Franges
Content Creator
Aljaz Jadek profile picture
Aljaz Jadek
Mitja Podpecan profile picture
Mitja Podpecan
Damjan Kosec profile picture
Damjan Kosec
Media & PR
Natasa Kutlaca profile picture
Natasa Kutlaca
Blockchain copywriter
Silvo Fortuna profile picture
Silvo Fortuna
Support Team
Jernej Belaj profile picture
Jernej Belaj
Community manager
Peter Kecek profile picture
Peter Kecek
SE Europe business developer
Anton Dobrina profile picture
Anton Dobrina
Legislation specialist
David Drake profile picture
David Drake
ICO Advisor
Alemsah Ozturk profile picture
Alemsah Ozturk
Marketing & ICO assessment advisor
Jonathan Millet profile picture
Jonathan Millet
Founder and CEO of NewsBTC
Sandi Nemet profile picture
Sandi Nemet
Investment advisor for Western, Central & Eastern Europe
Nikola Bubanj profile picture
Nikola Bubanj
Marketing & Communications advisor
Drazen Kapusta profile picture
Drazen Kapusta
Blockchain & Business advisor
Dejan Turk profile picture
Dejan Turk
Digital leadership advisor
Anton Horvatic profile picture
Anton Horvatic
Business development
Mitja Cerne profile picture
Mitja Cerne
Fiat & Crypto tax advisor
Dusko Pavasovic profile picture
Dusko Pavasovic
Crypto analytics advisor
Branko Parazajda profile picture
Branko Parazajda
Human resources advisor
Dejan Rugel profile picture
Dejan Rugel
Business development
Tadej Majhen profile picture
Tadej Majhen
Finance expert
Jaka Meden profile picture
Jaka Meden
Crypto analytics advisor
Mario Krtalic profile picture
Mario Krtalic
Media & Business advisor
Dejan Romih profile picture
Dejan Romih
User experience expert
Lighthouse Group LTD profile picture
Lighthouse Group LTD
Wojciech Mora profile picture
Wojciech Mora
Managing director Work Service & Prohuman
Csongor Juhasz profile picture
Csongor Juhasz
Managing director at Prohuman
Bela Ignacz profile picture
Bela Ignacz
Managing director at Prohuman
Klemen Primoz profile picture
Klemen Primoz
Partner at Profil d.o.o.
Erni Curk profile picture
Erni Curk
Managing director at Profil d.o.o.
Jani Zupan profile picture
Jani Zupan
Partner at Profil d.o.o.
Dusko M Duswami profile picture
Dusko M Duswami
CEO of
Ana Golobocanin profile picture
Ana Golobocanin
Recruiter at Grundfos
ZZI profile picture
Work Service profile picture
Work Service
Prohuman profile picture
Enloyd profile picture
Naton HR profile picture
Naton HR
Tehnika TEMP&PERM profile picture
Profil profile picture
Olaii profile picture
Jadek & Pensa profile picture
Jadek & Pensa
BDO profile picture
GREY profile picture
Alkaloid AD Skopje profile picture
Alkaloid AD Skopje
COTRUGLI Blockchain Adria profile picture
COTRUGLI Blockchain Adria
COTRUGLI Business School profile picture
COTRUGLI Business School
EPIC profile picture
European Union Intellectual Property Office profile picture
European Union Intellectual Property Office
ZBS profile picture
Anton Rop profile picture
Anton Rop
LDJCapital profile picture
Ivan On Tech profile picture
Ivan On Tech
BountyHive profile picture
Bounty0x profile picture
BestRate profile picture
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