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An application for Smart TVs used as the new gateway to linear broadcast combined with a personalized video stream as an additional channel. The technology to orchestrate the new television ecosystem, with direct interactions between users, advertisers and content producers. A custom Ethereum-based token called TTV, the Token for Television, will fuel the ecosystem while ensuring security and fairness.

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    24 May 2018 - 24 Jul 2018 (0.035 USD = 1.0 ttv)
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  • Total Raised
    8,700,000.00 USD
  • Soft Cap
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    25,000 ETH
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  • KYC Required
Team Members
Jan Phillip Hofste profile picture
Jan Phillip Hofste
Co-Founder TV-TWO,
Philipp Schulz profile picture
Philipp Schulz
Co-Founder TV-TWO
Nicolas Schnorpfeil profile picture
Nicolas Schnorpfeil
Chief Financial Officer
Christopher Obereder profile picture
Christopher Obereder
Chief Marketing Officer
Philip Rottschäfer profile picture
Philip Rottschäfer
Chief Operations Officer
Cody Lamson profile picture
Cody Lamson
Blockchain Developer
Jonas Schmidt profile picture
Jonas Schmidt
Strategy Consultant
Joschka Kintscher profile picture
Joschka Kintscher
Software Engineer and Crypto Investor
Michael Brand profile picture
Michael Brand
Back-End Developer
Dave Barton profile picture
Dave Barton
Startup & Cryptocurrency copywriter
Rodrigo Acosta profile picture
Rodrigo Acosta
Blockchain Developer
David Ben Kay profile picture
David Ben Kay
Governing Board of Ethereum (2016)
Tim Wegner profile picture
Tim Wegner
Tech Entrepreneur & Angel Investor
Phillip Nunn profile picture
Phillip Nunn
CEO at The Blackmore Group
John Patrick Mullin profile picture
John Patrick Mullin
FTC Asian Regional Director
Simon Cocking profile picture
Simon Cocking
Editor in Chief at Cryptocoin.News
Jason Butcher profile picture
Jason Butcher
Coinpayments & Parallel Payments
Tom Budd profile picture
Tom Budd
Blockchain Consultant & Keynote Speaker
Oliver Laurence profile picture
Oliver Laurence
Strategy Expert & Startup Mentor
Arthur Zubkoff profile picture
Arthur Zubkoff
FinTech & Marketing Consultant
Tobias Schulz profile picture
Tobias Schulz
Blockchain Investor at High-Tech Gründerfonds
Kai Rieke profile picture
Kai Rieke
TV Tracking and Attribution Expert
Dan Biton profile picture
Dan Biton
Co-Founder Gimli
Harold Kim profile picture
Harold Kim
Asia Regional Director
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