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Enjoy unlimited VR features and get access to exclusive technologies, participate in ground-breaking gaming and entertainment projects, monetize own ideas, become owner of offline VR parks across the globe by means of VR Kit project.

VR platform offers unique opportunity to develop own VR products on basis of our SDK and API.

Turnkey solution will save Your time and money, You will get access to trendsetting technologies and equipment, You will be able to test own games in off-line parks in different countries. The marketplace offers opportunity to monetize different projects without leaving the system.

Developers, players and businesses will establish community and will constantly contribute to its development and growth. VR offers unlimited opportunities for application of VRT technology.

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    14 Mar 2018 - 30 May 2018
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    3,430,000 USD
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    16,000,000 USD
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Team Members
Konstantin Negachev profile picture
Konstantin Negachev
Dmitriy Livshin profile picture
Dmitriy Livshin
Sevil Baer profile picture
Sevil Baer
Igor Berezovskiy profile picture
Igor Berezovskiy
Business Consultant
Mohamed Shoieb profile picture
Mohamed Shoieb
Investor Relations & development Manager Middle East
Elena Lyashenko profile picture
Elena Lyashenko
Business Development
Ivan Zaytsev profile picture
Ivan Zaytsev
Marketing Manager
Snezhana Kazachenko profile picture
Snezhana Kazachenko
PR Manager
Neil Bryant profile picture
Neil Bryant
Marketing Consultant
Chitty Lardy profile picture
Chitty Lardy
Director of Franchising
Alex Ovchinnikov profile picture
Alex Ovchinnikov
Blockchain Developer
Neema Teymory profile picture
Neema Teymory
Smart Contract and Solidity Consultant
Fedor Gladovsky profile picture
Fedor Gladovsky
Senior Web Developer
Maxim Zemskov profile picture
Maxim Zemskov
Backend Teamlead
Muhamed Attia profile picture
Muhamed Attia
Relationship Manager of Middle East
Maria Kuzmina profile picture
Maria Kuzmina
B2B/IR Manager
Yehuda Levi profile picture
Yehuda Levi
CTO, Bancor
Reuben Godfrey profile picture
Reuben Godfrey
Co-founder of the Blockchain Association of Ireland
Lan Tschirky profile picture
Lan Tschirky
Professional Investor
Peter Sin profile picture
Peter Sin
Co-Founder, Singapore Bitcoin Club
Jeonggon Mun profile picture
Jeonggon Mun
Co-Founder of Linker Coin
Caleb Yap profile picture
Caleb Yap
Co-Founder, Singapore Bitcoin Club
Dr. Marco Sacco profile picture
Dr. Marco Sacco
Adviser on The Development Strategy in the European Union
Dr. Francois Asseman profile picture
Dr. Francois Asseman
Head of Sales, OptiTrack
Eric Benz profile picture
Eric Benz
Adviser, Blockchain Ambassador
Dmitriy Machekhin profile picture
Dmitriy Machekhin
Adviser, Legal Advisor
Igor Vasiliadis profile picture
Igor Vasiliadis
Adviser, Financial Consultant
Valentin Savchenko profile picture
Valentin Savchenko
CMO, WinWIn Solution
Daria Arefieva profile picture
Daria Arefieva
Blockchain Ambassador
ARSENIY STRIZHENOK profile picture
Blockchain, ICO Adviser of East-West Digital News
LinkerCoin profile picture
Bancor profile picture
Crypto Friends profile picture
Crypto Friends
EuroVR profile picture
ILN Softlab profile picture
ILN Softlab
Midex profile picture
OptiTrack profile picture
Z8 profile picture
Singapore Bitcoin Club profile picture
Singapore Bitcoin Club
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